Dreaming of a snow-white smile? We can help your dreams come true!

No matter whether you need a full-mouth reconstruction with dental implants, a root canal treatment, fillings or some dental crowns, we can help you achieve the smile you’ve always wanted. In adition, we can help you be free from dental pain. Let’s face it – no one likes going to the dentist. But if you can experience pain free dentistry, and save 50-70% from UK dental prices, it doesn’t get better than that!

At Smile Clinic Slovakia – Dental Holiday we are committed to making sure you´ll experience pain free dentistry abroad. Young Patrik came to us and hoped dental crowns will help him achive shining smile. During free initial consultation our dental surgeon, Dr. Martin, has prepared treatment plan based on CT scan for Patrik. Two of Patrik´s lower teeth needed to be pulled out and replaced with dental implants. Two of upper teeth needed root canal treatment. We respected Patrik´s wish and the doctor put 17 full ceramic dental crowns to Patrik´s treatment plan aswell.

The treatment started with painfree extractions thanks to strong local aenesthetics. Right after that doctor sucessfully put 2 dental implants in (LR 6 and LL 4). In Patrik´s case, dental implants needed 4 months to get fully healed. For the healing period we provided him temporary healing abutments and temporary dental crowns. Therefore no gaps will be left in patient´s mouth.

On the next visit we did root canal treatments on two teeth: UL2 and UR6. Right after this, Dr. Martin was able to reshape Patrik´s teeth to get them ready for dental crowns. At first he reshaped upper front 10 teeth and continued with 7 front lower teeth. Once the reshaping was done, doctor took impressions and put on temporary crowns so patient was able to talk with no problems and eat without any major restrictions. These temporary crowns are provided to every patient for free of charge.

What else can I get for free?

To all our UK patients we provide free driver service – Mr. Milan, Mr. Daniel or one of their colleagues will pick you up at the airport and drive you directly to our clinic (or to your accommodation if you are taking an evening / night flight). A member of our team will also be there for you at the end of your visit to drive you back to the airport at any day and any time.

Also, all diagnostic X rays and CT scans are free of charge, as well as cup of coffee or tea for you while waiting for your dental treatment.

Patrik´s new teeth were ready in three weeks. Now he looks amazing! You surely agree that dental crowns can make one´s wish about beautiful smile come true. If you also have some dental problems or if you wish to smile with confidence again, please feel free to contact us via THIS FORM and we will prepare you initial quote as well as send you more information about treatment with us. The best time for Dental Holiday is now!

Updated and reviewed by the doctors & medical team of Smile Clinic in Slovakia