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Free Dental Treatment Abroad?

They say that the “best things in life are free” and the same goes for dentistry abroad. Often overlooked features of common NHS dentists that really should be free of charge and a given in the modern world of dentists, unfortunately can often be missed in England. At our dental clinic in Piestany spa, we don’t charge for making your dental trip value for money, and the most satisfying dental experience that you’ve ever had.

  • Our full-time driver will pick you up from the airport and drive you to the clinic or to the your accommodation if you arrive in the night or on a Sunday. He’ll also make sure that you’re dropped off back at the airport in plenty of time for your flight. This is a free service provided by our dental clinic to help you to feel welcome, safe and reassured.
  • Our receptionist will help you with all aspects of organising your accommodation free of charge. You simply state where you like to stay, in an apartment or in a hotel, and we’ll book it for you. You’ll also receive a free map of the town and Slovak phrase sheet along with your dental appointment time and keys to your accommodation from the driver when he meets you at the airport.
  • A local mobile phone is provided free of charge during your stay, so that relatives and friends can keep in contact with you, and even more importantly, so that we can keep in contact with you at all times.
  • The no-rush, expert dental consultation with Dr. Marek is free of charge and done in a way that is easy for you to understand. You will be given as much time as you need to think about your new smile reconstruction, and another free treatment plan and costing assessment will be presented to you so that you know at all times, exactly what will be done and the costs involved. This is part of our “no hidden costs” policy as an accredited English dental clinic abroad.
  • Digital OPG dental X-rays are done free for you and also available for you to take home for further use with a local dentist or implant specialist.
  • Temporary crowns / veneers are done free of charge between treatments so that no-one will even know that you’ve had any preparation work done on your teeth.
  • Your before and after photos can also be emailed to you, shortly after your dental treatment has been completed. These photos are of course free of charge.
  • 24 hour email and phone support is available by qualified dental staff to ensure that all your questions are answered in a timely and expert manner. Whatever happens, even 5 years later, we’ll be there to support you. There is no extra charge for our guarantee.
  • I know, actually waiting in waiting rooms can be boring. So how about taking a massage while you wait, going for a session of dental hygiene, or having a good old cup of English tea and catching up on your emails though our free Wi-Fi link. We also have satellite TV with English channels if you want to catch a football game, your favourite soap or the latest from BBC news.
  • Possibly the most important freebie: friendliness, and helpfulness. We will do our best to adapt to your needs and make your feel welcome and send you home smiling!

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