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“Friendly and approachable staff”

Paul from Manchester contacted us early this year via the tclinic website about having 2 dental implants done with Smile Clinic in Slovakia.

pre-dental treatment

Looking at the 1st digital X-ray here you can see that Paul had many teeth missing in the upper jaw, and the remaining teeth were in very bad shape.

Temporary bridge fitted for healing time

After the initial consultation in the clinic, it was decided to place 6 dental implants to the upper jaw, to upper a bridge of 12 tooth crowns. Some bone replacement was also needed to support the new dental implants.

After the final fitting

The whole process took 3 short visits over 6 months, and a semi-permanent fixed bridge was created for him to have during the healing time, so that no-one could see the work done, and that he could get used to having a full set of teeth again.

full arch of upper teeth replaced

Paul completed his treatment in the summer and here’s what he has to say about his dental treatment abroad with Smile Clinic in Slovakia:

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Treatment carried out professionally by the staff with all modern technology on site and staff also attentive, friendly and approachable to cover any needs.”