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Smile with confidence

Brian came over with his friend from Manchester direct to Bratislava airport with for 3 short visits to complete his life-changing smile reconstruction in our Smile Clinic in Piešťany spa town. Finally, he could eat well again and smile with confidence.

As you can see from the x-ray, Brian had just a handful of loose teeth left in his upper jaw.

For the lower jaw, we placed 12 crowns to add strength to the bite of the newly completed upper jaw. This should help the existing natural teeth in the lower jaw to last much longer (if left alone, they would have become loose over time just as with the top teeth before).

If Brian had not come for dental treatment abroad, he’d simply be left with the option of false teeth (dentures) to put in a glass by his bed each night – or simply have no teeth at all. Even though this type of reconstruction was very extensive and expensive – in the UK it would be expected to top around £40,000 for the same dental work.