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“You have given me back my confidence”


This week’s patient story is from Jackie, who began emailing with us about a year ago concerning her dental treatment. Just before Xmas her “dental holiday” makeover in Slovakia began, with the last celebratory visit being made this summer.

Through my 58 years of age I have been terrified of the dentist. I have had lots of bad experiences in the UK at many dentists. I also lost my confidence several years ago when I was told I need to wear a dental plate (false teeth). I hated wearing them, they were always uncomfortable despite several being from different dentists.

Several friends of mine recommended the Smile Clinic and I will say it is the best thing I have ever done, You have given me back my confidence and I now can smile again. I can go out with friends and not be worried with food getting stuck in my false teeth! You are all very professional in your excellent work + approach. But mostly you are friendly + human and have excellent people skills.”