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“Highest Recommendation A++++”

The highest recommendation A++++. Fantastic service all round. From customer service, price and attention to detail on virtally every aspect of the business. I now have the best smile I would wish for. Hugs to each and everyone involved.”

Christian's after treatment smile
Christian’s highest recommendation A+++

Christian’s treatment included seven implants, 3 bone grafts, 6 veneers on his lower jaw, and 7 veneers on his upper jaw. Bone grafts are difficult to perform and many dentists shy away from the procedure and provide only one option; dentures, or will give you exorbitant quotes to complete the grafts.  At Dental Holiday, there are no hidden costs or prices. X-rays, consulting and dental treatment is all in one price.

Christian’s dental work was extensive and he traveled all the way from Malaga, Spain on one of RyanAir’s cheap flights into Vienna airport.  Once at the airport, Christian was picked up by our driver Dano and whisked to our clinic in spa Piestany, Slovakia.  Piestany is a spa town on the River Vah filled with quaint shops, parks and lovely squares with bars and coffee houses. So, it really is a holiday when you come here for treatment.

You might think coming all the way from Malaga would be expensive, but when you look at the prices of dental care in most countries, having your dental treatment abroad makes sense (and saves you cents)!

Highest recommendation A+++
Christian’s after treatment smile

After researching the options, you will find Dental Holiday’s experience English-speaking staff and the high quality products, make choosing us to sort out your new smile a slam dunk.

Just like Christian you will find our customer service and attention to detail far above any other dental treatment abroad clinic.

Watch Christian’s video to hear more about his rating us highest recommendation A++++.

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