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“My immense gratitude for restoring my smile”

Cheryl before her dental treatment

I am not at all comfortable going to the dentist and it always makes me gag when having my mouth wide open for long periods of time,” said Cheryl back in the end of 2016 when she first sent us her “smile photo”.

After a couple of emails exchanged with our patient coordinators, she said that “I have definitely decided that I need to do this, for health reasons more than anything. I know I have received bad dental treatment in the past because a dentist has advised me!”

But I do feel more confident having treatment with Smile Clinic after researching and reading reviews. I will be in touch in a few days. I look forward to meeting with the smile team.”

With support from her husband, Cheryl visited us in mid-December, flying from Stansted near London in England. On visit 1 we did extensive gum reconstruction. On the 2nd visit in February preparation was done for the fitting of the 4 final crowns in late March.

Cheryl was overjoyed with her Dental Holiday experience, saying: “Thank you for your amazing service and the wonderful experience I enjoyed in receiving my new crowns. Please convey to Dr. Marek and his entire team my immense gratitude for everything you have done to restore my smile.”

Cheryl after her treatment
handwritten dental patient review

Cheryl left us with a 10/10 review, saying:

Very welcoming and friendly. It is very daunting having any dental treatment (at least it is for me) and have them explain the procedure and the end goal. Three visits and I am very happy with my four permanent crowns. Thank you, Smile Clinic.”