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“I’m over the moon with the final result of my teeth”

Maxine Wells

10/10 ” Excellent communication from the outcome. The clinic looks after its patient and Dr. Marek is an outstanding dentist. I would recommend Dental Holiday to anybody as I am over the moon with the final result of my teeth. They are perfect!” And a recent email from the same patient:

Hi Daniel,
I didn’t want to write an email too soon after my treatment, just IN CASE anything went wrong which, I am happy to report hasn’t! I wanted everything to settle down and for me to get used to the new teeth and my smile before writing the glowing report 🙂 When I came back home from the clinic, everybody was so eager to see my teeth, so the only thing that I’ve done since I got back is SMILE! All my friends think that the work done is amazing, and one particular friend can’t stop looking at my mouth when I talk and I have to remind her to look me in the eyes, as I was getting quite self-conscious about it 🙂 ( but not in a bad way )The miracle that Dr.Marek performed on my teeth is undoubtedly second to none, and I am so happy that I chose Dental Holiday to have my crowns etc done. I cannot rate it highly enough, and have emailed the website details to one or two people who are interested in having restorative work, either for themselves or for their children. Please say a big hello to the girls for me and thank them for looking after me so well whilst I was there. I hope both you and Dr. Marek are well and that your charity work is good too.

Take care Daniel,


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