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It’s time to smile from ear to ear!

Would you like to have a beautiful smile like Andrea’s? Just a few painless visits to us and you can have a beautiful smile to enjoy!

How it works:

During a non-binding and free entry consultation we prepared a recommended treatment plan for Andrea, which she agreed to.

Under local anesthesia the implantologist successfully placed 3 dental implants into her bone – to replace teeth UR5, LL4 and LR3. For implants already in place, the doctor put on temporary dental crowns to protect the implants during the healing period. The patient came to the clinic one week after surgery for a quick check up. The doctor confirmed that Andrea’s implants were healing well.

OPG X – ray

In less than three months after implantation the patient returned to the clinic again. We sharpened her front upper and lower teeth to prepare them for E-max ceramic crowns. After sharpening we provided the patient with temporary crowns so that she could talk without problems while waiting for the final ceramic teeth. The doctor took the impressions so our dental technicians could work in the lab and make beautiful and perfect fitting crowns for this patient.

20 days later, the final implant and ceramic crowns were ready to be fit in. Now Andrea is enjoying 3 new implants and 18 E-max full ceramic dental crowns.

See for yourself how pretty Andrea is with her new teeth!

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