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Mrs. Helen wanted to have a full set of teeth and a better-looking smile. She came to our dental clinic for the first time in April this year. Dr. Marek Salka made a treatment plan for her containing 7 E-max dental crowns for her upper front teeth, extraction of 2 of her teeth on her upper left hand side and altogether 6 dental implants for her upper jaw to replace missing teeth.


The treatment:

The doctor and the patient agreed to split the treatment into 3 visits. On the next day after the consultation she came to our dental clinic and Dr. Marek started with the treatment: he made a bone graft and sucessfully put all 6 dental implants into the patient’s jaw. Then he made a provisional bridge to protect those implants. Helen went home to give the implants some time to heal.

Three months later she came back to get her front teeth reshaped. Her final implant crowns and crowns for her front teeth were ready in 10 days.

X ray before
X ray after

When Helen came again the doctor took off the provisional bridge and fit all crowns in her mouth. After the final fitting she left us this lovely review:

Thank you for your professional service. I was satisfied. Thank you and I wish you lots of happy patients. “

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