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Not only a new smile but the confidence that goes with it…

Thank you doesn’t seem good enough for the way you made me feel when attending your clinic.
Thanks go to Dr Marek for the natural way he has at putting people at ease that are terrified of the dentist.
Thank you also for the clean bright smile you have give me. Not only a smile but confidence that goes with it.
I would have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone that requires a caring practice as is yours.
Again thanks and I hope to see you again”


Tony, a middle-aged school teacher from Sheffield in North England known for his dedication to his students and love for gardening, had always dreaded dental visits. His fear of dentists was rooted in a traumatic childhood experience that had left him avoiding dental care for years. However, the visible deterioration of his dental health and the encouragement of his close friends and family finally pushed him to seek professional help by looking for a dentist abroad.

After thorough research and several recommendations, Tony made an appointment with Dental Holiday. The decision was not made lightly, and as the day of his trip to the dental clinic in Slovakia drew closer, Tony’s anxiety grew exponentially.

On the day of his first visit, Tony arrived at the clinic with palpable nervousness. He was greeted by the friendly reception staff, whose cheerful demeanour and reassuring words began to ease his fears. When it was time for his examination, Dr Marek, known for his gentle approach and ability to make patients feel at ease, welcomed Tony with a warm smile.

Dr. Marek took the time to talk to Tony about his dental health and his interests in gardening and teaching, which helped relax the atmosphere. Recognizing Tony’s anxiety, Dr. Marek explained every step of the process in simple terms, ensuring Tony felt in control and at ease throughout the procedure.

The dental implant treatment plan was extensive, involving several visits to address years of neglect, but with each visit, Tony’s fear of dental work diminished. He began to appreciate and look forward to the trips to the dental clinic in Slovakia, seeing them as steps towards better dental health and improved self-esteem.

By the end of his treatment, Tony’s transformation was remarkable. Not only did he have a bright, clean smile, but he also found a new level of confidence that permeated all aspects of his life. He felt more comfortable speaking in front of his class and engaging in social activities. He even started a community garden project, something he had put off for years due to his lack of confidence.

Grateful for the change the clinic and Dr. Marek had brought about in his life, Tony wrote a heartfelt message to the Dental Holiday clinic team, expressing his profound thanks. He spoke of Dr Marek’s natural ability to put people at ease, the confidence his new smile had given him, and his intention to recommend the clinic to anyone needing compassionate and effective dental care.

Tony’s story was one of overcoming deep-seated fears and rediscovering joy in life’s simple pleasures, all thanks to a caring dental practice that went beyond just treating teeth to nurturing their patients’ well-being.

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