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One Day Dental Treatments

one day treatment

Root Canal Treatment

The Root Canal is a layer of pulp that runs through the root and teeth which contains nerves and blood vessels. The pulp can become diseased or damaged over time, which can lead to infection if not treated soon enough. An infection can be very painful and then lead to an abscess. Root Canal treatment then becomes necessary, which involves the removal of the infected pulp and then then cleaning or sealing of the root canal itself. A crown can then be fitted onto the decayed tooth, to prevent any future infection and improve oral structure. If your root canal treatment you received in the UK has failed, you may need a re-treatment. We guarantee the 100% success of all our root canal work here at Dental Holiday.

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Fillings: Metal Filling Removal and White Fillings

The system our dentists abroad follow when removing mercury amalgam fillings is designed to minimize your exposure to mercury vapor and particles. Please read more about the process.
If you don’t want to look like the “Jaws” character from the James Bond movies, read about how Dental Holiday can provide you with white fillings.

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Teeth Whitening

In our dental clinic we use 3 methods of teeth whitening depending on the type of dental treatment you want and require and the treatment includes a take-home plan and after care.

Tooth Extractions and Gum Re-contouring

If you need a tooth extraction or a new bridge fitted, then Dental Holiday can be an affordable way to get your dental care. Tooth extractions can be done in conjunction with gum re-touring, dental implants or bridge replacement. Read more…
However, if you need a wisdom tooth or both wisdom teeth extracted, you will need to go to the hospital in the UK.
Dental Hygiene & Tooth Whitening
Dental Holiday is known for its terrific dental aftercare. Read Janet’s testimonial on her after dental care.

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Scheduling one day dental treatments is easy at Dental Holiday either alone or your same day visit with your dental implants, bridges, crowns or veneers treatment.  And, the nice part is the cost is well-below UK prices!

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