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When I read this in my inbox this morning, I couldn’t help myself but share it here on our website:

Hello, its Charlene here.
I was in on 1st-3rd of December then 15th-17th  December getting 4 zirconium crowns and root canal treatment. I just wanted to thank you very very much for the excellent, professional and pain free dentistry done by Dr Marek and his wonderful team. I am so pleased with the outcome, there were no hidden costs and Piestany was a lovely place to visit. I have recommended  to my friends and family and they will be visiting next year!
Expect your Christmas + Thank you Card in the post !!
See you again when I’m over with my friends !!
Take Care..X

It is the goal of Dental Holiday to provide pain free dentistry abroad to all our patients.  We know the decision to get dental work done is an expensive one and for some people a fearful choice. We do everything we can to make sure your dental visit is as pain free as possible.

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