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Marta’s All on 6 treatment

Our dental clinic specializes in full mouth reconstructions using full-ceramic dental bridges fixed on 4-6 dental implants. This treatment is very popular for patients that have no teeth left or that have teeth in such bad condition that they can’t be corrected.

Our patient Mrs. Marta:


When Mrs. Marta reached our dental clinic for the first time she had 7 teeth in her upper and 6 teeth in her lower jaw left. All of them were in very bad condition. After personal consultation and after taking X ray and CT scan our head implantologist – Dr. Marek Salka – suggested to Mrs. Marta the extraction of all her remaining teeth and a full reconstruction of the upper and also the lower jaw using dental impants and dental crowns and bridges.

Mrs. Marta AFTER finishing the treatment with Smile Clinic
Mrs. Marta AFTER finishing the treatment with Smile Clinic

All our treatments are done with local anesthetics, or our patients can choose to undergo the general anesthetics. Mrs. Marta chose the local anesthetics in combination with a calming pill.  We recommend these sedatives for patients that are facing long and complicated procedures and are very nervous or have a fear of dentists.

The treatment plan we made for Mrs. Marta contained full upper and lower jaw reconstruction using 6 dental implants with a bridge containing 12 dental crowns in both her jaws. We give temporary healing crowns to every patient so patients don’t have to worry about leaving the clinic without teeth. These temporary crowns will help the healing process, which usually lasts 2-3 months.

Four months after implantation Mrs. Marta came to our dental clinic again to take the impressions for her permanent implant crowns and dental bridges for both her jaws. It took only 6 days for our dental technicians to make final crowns for Mrs. Marta and now she has brand new smile.

AFTER finishing the treatment
After finishing the treatment
BEFORE starting the treatment
Before treatment
Dental implants have been fit
Dental implants have been fit