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Implant Clinic Piestany accommodation options

As part of our service provided to you by the Dental Holiday clinic to make your stay with us as hassle-free as possible, we help arrange your dental holiday accommodation for all our guests who need it. This includes local hotels, “Penzions” (the central European name for bed & breakfast houses/facilities) and self-catering apartments.

Travelling alone?

Self-Catering Apartments

dental accommodation options
Winterova apartment

As the apartments are the most popular option for most of our patients, they come on a “first come – first served” basis. When you book, we’ll advise you on alternative accommodation if necessary.

The 3 Winterova Apartments are large self-catering apartments in the heart of the town centre costing €35 per night and sleeping 2 people (can also be booked for 1 person – the cost is the same). Their location is 10 minutes easy walk from the clinic and 5 minutes to the spa island.

  • Comfortable double bed
  • Full kitchen facilities and utensils
  • WI-FI & TV
  • No check-in, check-out time
  • Separate bathroom/shower
  • Towels & bedding included
  • The apartments overlook the town park or pedestrian area of the town with many restaurants and cafes.
Villa Veres

The Penzion Villa Veres is located in the historic town centre of Piestany on the pedestrian zone, across from the winterova apartments and close to the town park. The rooms have a TV with satellite channels and a DVD player. The cost is €35 per single room and 40€ per double room.

Prefer a hotel instead?

Adam Eva resort

The Adam Eva Hotel is based in the town centre of Piestany spa, 15min walk from our clinic and 5 minutes from the spa island. The AdamEva Resort hotel offers accommodation, a wellness centre, a stylish restaurant, café, hotel parking and a WiFi-free spot. A single room costs €40 per night, and a double room costs €65 per night.

Hotel Magnolia

Hotel Magnolia is based in the city centre of Piestany, 10min walk from our clinic and 5 minutes from the Spa island.
The price for a single room is €65 per night, and a double room is €80 per night, with an all-inclusive breakfast.

Entrance to the swimming pool is 1€/person

Penzion Diana
Diana penzion

The Penzion Diana is based in a quiet part of Piestany. Their prices are €40 per person for a single room, €55  for a twin room and €76 for a double-bed room.  They have a restaurant and bar/lounge, and swimming pool. Penzion Diana is about a 10-minute walk from the dental clinic, 15 minutes in the town centre, and 20 minutes to the spa island.

Hotel Vila Anne Marie is a newly reconstructed hotel situated on a quiet road off the central park of the world-famous spa town Piešťany. It’s a 15-minute walk to the clinic or spa island and 10 minutes to the town centre for a single room is €49 per night with breakfast and wifi, and  €61 for a double room with breakfast and wifi.

hotel sandor-room
Hotel Sandor Pavilion

The Four-star hotel Hotel Sandor Pavillon in the town of Piešťany is a good place for relaxation. Located on a quiet road of the town park in the centre of the town Piešťany, it’s a 15-minute walk to the clinic and 15 minutes to the spa island. It has a small pool and wellness facilities.

The price for a single room is €65 per night, and the price for a double room is €80 per night.

The Thermia Palace
The Thermia Palace

The Thermia Palace is a 5-star  hotel in the wonderful ambience of the Spa Island of Piestany. If you would like to have a five-star treatment, then this hotel would be great for you.

Queen Elizabeth the 2nd stayed here during her last visit to Slovakia.

Unfortunately, we do not have a negotiated rate with Thermia Palace, but we can help you book reservations if necessary. We sometimes have patients who come to Piestany for dental treatment and vacation purposes, and in most cases, they would like to stay in a five-star hotel like Thermia Palace. They have all the amenities a five-star hotel would have, plus they offer spa treatments and healing and relaxation facilities.

9 thoughts on “Implant Clinic Piestany accommodation options”

  1. I took my first visit to the Smile Clinic earlier this month (April 19) unsure of what to expect really as I had two stumps of teeth where my top incisor had shattered and broke off the second tooth along with it.
    ( I was quoted £4900.00 to have the implants done in the UK .)

    From the moment I walked into the clinic I was put at my ease, the x ray scans were quick and easy and after discussing my requirements with the dental surgeon I returned after lunch for work on my implants to begin. I felt no pain at all throughout the work being done including the removal of the two stumps, I required a bone implant as well so that will take a few months to bind, had two initial implants fitted for now and they look good. Walked out of the clinic feeling a lot better than I thought I would. Top class service from all within the Smile Clinic. Good decision on my part to give them a go. I’ll be back in July for my new implants. Would certainly recommend the travel over. Nice chauffeur picks you up from the airport as well.

  2. Hello Petra,
    Thanks for your reply. Could you book me into the 3 Winterova Apartments for the 3 nights from 11th/12/13th February 2019 . Thank you in anticipation
    Sincerely Maureen

    • Dear Maureen,

      thank you, I will book you into Winterova appartment for duration of your stay.

      We are looking forward to meeting you in person.

      Petra – Dental Holiday

    • Dear Damian,

      thank you for your comment. We will book Sunflower Pension for your stay with us.
      If we can help you with anything else, please, feel free to get in touch.

      We are looking forward to seeing you.
      Petra – Dental Holiday

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