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Find out the shade needed for your new crowns


Disclaimer – The tooth shades shown on the chart above do not accurately represent the actual colours. Different computers screens will display slightly different colours.

Many of our patients ask about how to choose the shade of their crowns, bridge or veneers. We use the VITA shade guide similar to the one pictured above.

shades of tooth crowns

Natural teeth are of a bone colour much darker than most people realize, and the general idea when choosing the shade for your new crowns, bridgework or veneers, unless you’re having a complete, all tooth makeover, is to choose a shade that’s 2-3 stages lighter than your natural teeth.

Beware! – Zirconia crowns / veneers are stainless, which is good for you if you like your tea or red wine, but they cannot be lightened or easily darkened afterwards.

As a rough guide to tooth colour shades that’s easy to remember, I think of them as:

  • A shades are for typically American smiles
  • B shades for a more natural British smile
  • C shades for a continental smile
  • W shades for witches, warlords and other wicked people 😉
zirconia crown shades
testing which shade to choose

But seriously, the arrangement of the shades in the VITA classical family of shades is as follows:

A (reddish-brownish)
B (reddish-yellowish)
C (greyish shades)
D (reddish-grey)

I hope that helps. If I can answer any more of your questions, please let me know in the comments box below.

13 thoughts on “Find out the shade needed for your new crowns”

  1. I’ve just had 12 implants waiting 4 my zirconium crowns 2 b fixed . I don’t want ultra white but don’t want yellow ish .I want some middle ground 4 a nice look what shade do you recommend ty

    • Hi James, of course, I can’t see your smile in front of me; however, if you don’t want ultra white, don’t go for A shades; go for B shades instead; for example, b2 is a very natural look that is usually a couple of shades brighter than someone’s natural teeth. I hope that helps.

    • you would be able to get a tooth shade guide from the company you buy your crown / veneer ceramic from (if you own a dental lab) – if not, try to contact your lab so that they can get one for you from their dealers.
      ​I hope that helps!

  2. Hahahah…love the descriptions of C shade.. that is so true. Thanks for the shade simulator it does help me find my natural shade..


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