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The first in depth survey of dental treatment abroad seekers has been carried out, incorporating the experiences of 650 patients who have traveled for treatment. The survey is incredibly positive about the “dental holiday” experience and will encourage more patients to travel abroad to us for treatment.

Our clients, mainly from the UK, completed an extensive post-visit online survey.

The Highlights

  • 60/40 Male/Female split
  • 83% “wanted to save on the cost of dental treatment in the UK”.
  • On the total cost of treatment, 70% saved over 50% or more, 11% of dental respondents saved 60% or more, and 9% of elective surgery respondents saved 70% or more.
  • 9 out of 10 respondents very satisfied (74%) or quite satisfied (16%) with their experience of the treatment abroad.
  • 97% of our dental clients stated that they would definitely or probably go for treatment abroad again.
  • 96% of all respondents would definitely or probably go back to Piestany dental clinic in Slovakia.
  • 96% of all respondents would recommend treatment abroad in our clinic to a friend or relative.

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