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What We Don’t Do


We realise many people do want cosmetic dental procedures that are outside implants, crowns, bridges or veneers. However, our clinic is really designed for certain dental procedures we believe we can provide most efficiently, with the best dental products, at a reduced cost. That is why there are certain dental treatments we just cannot provide.

 What we don’t do…

False Teeth – Dentures

No-one should have to suffer from the embarrassment and hassle of wearing dentures with the recent advancements in dental implants.  Please review our dental implant information.  If you have any questions about what we do or don’t do in dental treatment or if you need more information please contact us.


Unfortunately we don’t do orthodontics. Orthodontic treatment if done well requires regular monthly visits so that the “brace” can be adjusted and tightened as the teeth move. Therefore going abroad for this treatment is not cost effective due to the numerous visits over 1-2 years that you will need to make.

I understand that it is VERY costly in the UK to have orthodontic treatment, but as yet, there is no suitable workaround that is not detrimental to oral health. If you do decide to go ahead with this, I suggest checking out “teenager friendly” orthodontic systems such as “invisalign”, the “inman aligner” or “6 month smiles” in the UK.
Perhaps you have a root canal that has failed or need some other one day treatment.  Or would like more information on crown/bridge replacements or veneers. If so, just contact us for a free quote.

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