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Do you have questions about dental treatment abroad? Would you like more information about how to go about arranging your dentistry abroad? Have you heard about the latest advancements at our UK dental clinic abroad? Wonder no more! Become a fan of our Facebook or Twitter pages and we will:

  • educate you on many aspects of having dental treatment abroad
  • Give you useful tips on having dentistry abroad
  • alert you to the new and amazing developments at our UK dental clinic abroad
  • let you know about any special deals or discounts we may be offering

Through this service, we hope to supply you with valuable information – to help you and your loved ones – get the teeth they’ve always wanted at less than half the price of UK private dental practices.

Once you have connected with us…tell all your friends and colleagues and get them involved too. It is a great way of bringing new smiles to those who don’t want to fork out an arm and a leg…

We look forward to seeing you on our social media pages.

Warm regards,

Daniel Shaw & Dr. Marek Salka



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