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“This clinic truly makes me proud to smile”

This clinic truly makes me proud to smile. Not only do the teeth look natural- but they are fabulous. Including all the staff- who are friendly, professional, excellent and give a helpful service. Dr. Mark and his team of technicians are truly brilliant and I’m very thankful for their honest opinions and craftsmanship and would recommend them and the whole clinic- always grateful. -a truly satisfied customer.”

Milan P.

This kind gentleman came to us because he sought reconstruction of his upper jaw. Here is an X-ray of Milan’s teeth before his treatment with Smile Clinic.


After a consultation with Dr. Mark, the dental treatment began in November with the extraction of Milan’s 6 upper teeth, after which six implants were placed in his bone. After just two and a half months of healing, the implants healed, and Milan came to us for his second visit, during which impressions of his teeth were taken. The next month, he was ready for his final fitting. We finished his treatment just this week!

Take a look at how his teeth look today.


2 thoughts on ““This clinic truly makes me proud to smile””

  1. Hi, I would like a full smile makeover with implants. I will need teeth extracted to do this. I am in Glasgow Scotland. Could you please let me know how much that may cost and when the first available dates for that may be.

    Thank you

    • Hi Sandra, thank you for taking the time to contact Dental Holiday about a full smile makeover with dental implants, we appreciate it.

      Who recommended you to us?

      My name is Daniel and I have the responsibility for dealing with potential new patients.

      So that I can provide a more precise quote & treatment plan especially for you, please use the link below to schedule a 5-10 min call with me or one of my team should I not be available.

      I’ll then be able to send you a personalized response by email and schedule a further call to answer any questions should you have any.

      Kindest regards,


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