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“Smile Clinic was the right decision”

Michaela after treatment

This bright young lady decided to contact our clinic back in 2012 to achieve her goal of a beautiful smile. Michaela wished to begin with reconstruction of her upper jaw, and so 7 of her upper teeth were extracted, after which 6 implants were put in and 14 teeth were fixed to them.

She was so satisfied with the job Dr. Marek did that she decided to visit us again in 2019, this time for work on her lower jaw. So, Michaela had 9 of her lower teeth extracted, and another 6 implants were placed in her lower jaw, followed by the fitting of another 14 point bridge. An additional implant was added to her upper jaw. The finished product resulted in a dazzling symmetrical smile. Today, Michaela can’t stop smiling.

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The moment I stepped into the clinic I knew I had made the right decision. The doctor and his team had a very professional attitude. I highly recommend Smile Clinic. I love my new smile! Thank you.”

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