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A new smile in just 3 short visits

This is Graham now 🙂
Graham BEFORE treatment

Last year, this lovely gentleman contacted us with the wish to complete his dental treatment which had started a couple years ago. The purpose of this visit was to complete work on his upper jaw and begin work on his lower jaw. In total, Graham got 13 implants – 7 on the upper jaw, 6 on the lower – and 28 crowns. After quick mutual communication, Graham booked his flights to visit us and we completed the treatment just this week! The whole treatment was done over just 3 visits.

During the 1st visit, Dr. Marek placed the implants in and completed the surgical aspect of the process. After 4 months, Graham returned for the impressions of his teeth, after which the technicians in our dental laboratory began making his future crowns. The preparation of the final ceramic bridges was done in 3 weeks. Now, Graham was ready for the final fitting of his new teeth and visited us for the third time.

Before treatment
After treatment

Take a look at the difference the treatment made! We are looking forward to seeing Graham in February 2021 for his annual check up with us!

2 thoughts on “A new smile in just 3 short visits”

  1. I’m 28 years old and after several accidents as a child and lack of enamel on my teeth I’ve now ended up with partial denture and very few remaining teeth left on upper jaw it’s become massive issue for me over the last 5 years I’ve had them Ill fitting dentures to ruining the only teeth I had left I really need help to get my life back on track and go for the implant option please help me Shelly

    • Dear Shelly, I’m sorry to hear about your accidents and loss of teeth. Certainly, a partial denture for a lady as young as you is not a long-term solution and dental implants should be used instead.
      I’ll email you more information right now so that we can continue the discussion there.

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