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“The results are better than I had hoped”

Susan just finished her dental treatment at Dental Holiday and is amazed at dental treatment results.  Susan had a special case.  She had dentures on her upper and lower jaw and needed 8 implants and 13 upper crowns.  Due to the fact there was so many implants and crowns, Susan chose to have a general anesthetic.  This type of anesthetic isn’t normally needed, but Dr. Marek agreed this would provide Susan more comfort.

Susan after her treatment

Everyone here is so friendly and approachable.  I am very happy and amazed at dental treatment results, which are even better than I had hoped.”

Before treatment
After treatment

Susan was so pleased with the results she wanted her lower dentures replaced but money is quite tight for her so we were able to provide her with a semi-permanent bridge for her bottom teeth at a special price until she is able to afford the final implants.

Our clinic is designed to provide our UK clients with not only great service (we have a 97% satisfaction rate), but work with you to provide the best dental treatment plan for you and your budget.  At Dental Holiday there are no hidden costs.  You can download our price list for review.  Our treatment coordinator can walk you through the treatment plan and costs plus work with you on any accommodations you will need while staying in the lovely spa city of Piestany.

Piestany is located about 35-45 minutes from Bratislava a short plan ride from many London airports.  Our driver will pick you up at the airport and deliver you back to the airport after your treatment at no charge.

Dental Holiday has been providing UK patients dental treatments abroad since 2006.  Dr. Marek has performed 1,000’s of dental implants, veneers and crowns and the clinic is the UK’s most trusted dental clinic abroad.

Call or contact us today so you too can be amazed at dental treatment results.

2 thoughts on ““The results are better than I had hoped””

  1. Hello Daniel, I hope all is well in Piestany and with you and Dr Merek.

    I had a number of crowns fitted there around 2(?) years ago and I now need some further work.
    One of the back crowns came out about 3 months ago. I kept the crown, but am not sure it would be of any use now.
    In addition, I fell in a hotel bathroom and broke a front tooth about a month ago. It now needs to be matched up with its opposite number – I can send a picture if that helps.
    The original work did seem a bit of a tight fit on the right of my mouth and needs adjusting and, finally, one of my remaining natural teeth is of a darker colour than the crowns, so I was wondering if it could be lightened to fit in better.
    My husband had some white fillings when we came last time and would also come over, probably just for a scale/polish.
    We were wondering about coming over via Vienna as it might be a nice place to visit. Can you give me an idea of costs of this treatment and timescales, together with transport from Vienna and accommodation if we would need to stay over?

    • Hi Cheryl,
      Certainly plan to come over to us for a few days.
      I’d advise coming directly to the clinic first so that we can make plans & impressions. Then you could go to Vienna if you like, however you’d need to get there and back by train. It takes about 2 and a half hours from Piešťany with a change over in Bratislava.
      3-4 days later you should return to the clinic for the final fitting of the crowns and then we’ll get you back to the airport for your trip home.
      Does that help?

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