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“Best money ever spent”

Jack with his new dental crowns
Hand written patient testimonial
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Jack visited Dental Holiday in May 2012, he came over with his father and was interested in a full smile-makeover.

He rates us 10 out of 10 in his testimonial:

Really easy to get to. Great team everything looked after. Nervous patient but felt really at ease. Best money ever spent.”

Jack’s dental treatment included: a one hour session with our dental hygienist + tooth whitening for the bottom jaw, a few root canal treatments, two dental bridges and pure ceramic dental crowns to the upper jaw only.

Take a look at his before and after pictures:

Jack before his treatment
Jack before his dental treatment abroad
Jack with his new dental crowns
Jack with his new dental crowns

2 thoughts on ““Best money ever spent””

  1. Hi Daniel—-i need 3-4 implants (molers ) & front caps. I may end up in Hungary if you are overly high in your quote. Have you pretty girls in town ———–(i am older but hansom & eger.) Budepest is loaded with women. Tell me your warrantee & problems???????????????


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