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Clear, dental implant treatment prices with no hidden extras

Because we don’t do any other area type of dentistry such as emergency extractions, fillings, veneers or teeth straightening, our unique focus on full mouth reconstructions with the help of dental implants ensures that we make the cost of a full smile makeover abroad as low as it possibly can be without sacrificing on the quality assurance of our lifetime satisfaction guarantee.

What’s more, the unique techniques that our dental surgeons have pioneered over the past 10 years with dental implants are unique, ensuring that the process of creating your new smile is as safe, pain-free and cost/time effective as possible. That’s why we know offer the most competitive price for replacing all your teeth compared to the UK, Hungary, Poland, Croatia or even Turkey.

We know that most people aren’t afraid of opening their mouths to the dentist these days, they are more afraid of opening their wallets – i.e. the costs involved with the dental treatment they need.

Despite the fact that we are a dental implant specialist clinic abroad highly focused on providing replacement of the whole upper or lower jaw – because that’s all we do – we aim to make the costs of dental implants available for all our visitors.

Your treatment plan cost will be all-inclusive, and we will never charge you for any “add-ons” that are needed to perform this type of dental implant treatment to the highest standards. For instance, we will never let you leave with missing teeth or another removable denture, and you will always leave our clinic with fixed teeth on the day of surgery.

So what you’re essentially investing in are the very best dental implants abroad placed by the very best dental surgeons abroad in the most welcoming, safe environment and nothing more.