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Incomparable Expertise

Smile Clinic Slovakia – Dental Holiday abroad team is here to serve you!

When choosing the right dental clinic abroad, after the obvious cost savings on your dental treatment, you want to be sure that you have the right expert dental team at your side every step of the way during your dental holiday.

Therefore, you’d probably want to know a little more about the level of dental expertise available in Smile Clinic Slovakia – Dental Holiday.

Our dental clinic has provided dentistry abroad for over 5000 “dental holiday” patients since 2006 in our 2 clinics – located in Bratislava city centre and the spa town of Piešťany, just north of the capital.

The majority of our staff speaks fluent English and our head dentist, Dr. Marek (Mark) Salka, his partner Daniel Shaw and our patient manager Natália Drgová have all trained and worked in the UK, along with many of our Dental Nurses.

Our first concern is to ensure you receive the best quality dental treatment, so we provide a wide range of services. Dr. Mark & Dr. Martin are our premiere dentists with Master studies in implantology and are experts in dental implants and full mouth reconstructions, as well as dental surgery.

Within our team are also specialist cosmetic and restorative dentists, an orthodontist, a periodontist and endodonstist.

We also use “chairside technicians” meaning that the masters who actually create the final teeth are beside you to ensure that you final smile result fits exactly with your look & personality.

Working with the Smile Clinic Slovakia is quite easy. Just call us or if you prefer, fill out our simple contact form and we will get back to you in 24 hours with a quote and a time and day appointment that is good for you. And now…

Ladies and Gentlemen! Please allow us to introduce to you, my friends and yours, the dental experts behind the smiles of an ever increasing number of people in Slovakia and abroad:

Your Dental Team:

Here you can read more about each of the key people in our team and start the dental holiday process to the smile you’ve always wanted:

  • Dentists & Specialists – At Smile Clinic Slovakia we are very fortunate to have the best dentists and specialists in dentistry today. Learn more about their experience and education
  • Expert Support Team –  Meet our expert support staff to help you navigate the foreign waters.
  • Dental Technicians – Our dental laboratory is located inside the clinic to better serve our patients.

Or book a date with us 🙂

2 thoughts on “Incomparable Expertise”

  1. At present I have a bridge to my three front teeth upper jaw but where the two posts from the bridge fit into the roots have decayed so the bridge keeps coming loose require two implants and new bridge

    • Dear Michael,

      thank you for contacting us.
      I have sent you an e-mail with more information about dental implnts and a bridge.
      Please check your mailbox and feel free to get in touch if you will have any questions.

      Petra – Dental Holiday

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