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Barbara’s Story

Barbara came to Dental Holiday for dental implants and root canal treatment abroad. After the free X-Ray and consultation with Dr. Marek, she decided to go ahead with the treatment the same day.

During a conversation with Barbara and myself, she explained the experience she had before coming to Piestany Dental Clinic. “I can’t tell you how many phone calls I’ve made, looking for a dental clinic to help me! The prices I was quoted were far too expensive and the waiting periods for treatment were unrealistically long,” she said. “I was so relieved when I found Dental Holiday. I read on the website that it is a Dental clinic in Slovakia that caters for UK patients only.”

After doing her research and reading up on Dental Holiday, she sent an email requesting a quote. To her surprise, after calculating the travel costs, the cost of getting the implants and root canal treatment, and accommodation costs, she would only have to pay about 50% of the total price she was quoted in the UK for the dental treatment she so desperately needed. She immediately decided to take the journey to Slovakia to have her dental treatment done abroad.

She was not scared to travel abroad for dental treatment, because she felt comfortable knowing that it was a UK dental clinic and that it is run by British people living abroad. Also, she read a number of the dental patients’ comments and stories on the Dental Holiday website.

Even though she knew of the quality and organized services provided by the Dental Holiday staff, (from patients’ stories and information provided to her, by email conversations and the website on a whole), she was amazed at how she was treated. “From the moment I arrived, to the time I left, everything was spot on, generous and courteous staff and overall immaculate and professional staff,” she said, with a smile. “My follow-up treatment was excellent and I felt so welcomed and appreciated and treated as is I am the only one that matters, and to me that’s great service,” she said positively.

The positive experience kept her coming back through Dental Holiday, just for friendly visits with the staff and I can assure you that she is now a part of the Dental Clinic’s family.

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