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Zirconia Crowns & Bridges

The advantages of zirconium oxide crowns over porcelain fused crowns are as follows:

  • aesthetic, almost impossible to differentiate which are natural and which are zirconium oxide teeth
  • strong and withstand the high forces of biting and grinding
  • light weight
  • does not contain metal, bio-compatible

How is a computer scanned “Cerec” crown made?

The dentist abroad takes an impression of your teeth at the clinic and it is then transformed by a 3D laser scanner into a computer image. The Cerec computer programs and designs the crown. This design is then transferred into a milling machine to produce a semi-finished zircon crown. This crown then has to baked to get its final internal material structure. The crown is then built up with special ceramics and composites by dental lab technicians before it is brought back to the clinic for fitting.

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