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Dental implant patients tell their story abroad

“Hi, I am currently seated in the waiting room of the clinic. I’m waiting for Daniel to bring me a cup of coffee, and while I am waiting I’ve decided to tell you all about my experience.

My teeth were rubbish, too many sweets and crisps and fizzy drinks, I got to the point in England where I would go to the dentist and be quoted £1200 for work to be done. (I have to go private as I work full time, have two kids a mortgage and pay all my bills on time, therefore the NHS wont help me) I could never afford the work to be done due to the bracketed comments so would just get the dentist to pull them out.

With one tooth hanging for dear life and about to cave in I decided that dramatic action was required. I went onto the Internet and put “implant dentistry abroad” in the Google search box. The clinic in Piestany was the first to come up.

I was very skeptical about coming out but I decided to give it a go. I came over for an assessment, and have spent around £4300 in total and estimate that this work would have cost me £14164 in the UK.

Flights are obtainable at less than £100 return and they pick you up and drop you off at the airport. I’m going back to my flat after this which is amazing, obviously all the flats differ but this one in particular is so nice. I have requested to have it again when I come back, in fact I’m going to try and book it in a minute.

The town of Piestany is lovely, check the weather forecast and if its going to be nice make sure you pack a swimming costume. Wine and beer is dirt cheap and is more often than not, less than a pound a glass, food is beautiful and once again ridiculously cheap.

The staff at this clinic are amazing, to the point that I went to lunch with two other clients, the manager Daniel and Dr Marek, what other dentist would do that.

I’ve been here twice now and love it, and I can guarantee that my friends and family will come here too.

Technically this is a big up your bum to British dentists, no more posh cars for you, my moneys coming to Slovakia,

Al, the guy with the nice white teeth”

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