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Dental Implant Prices

dental implant cost uk
Why Are Dental Implants So Expensive in the UK?

There are of course a number of factors, but here I’ll give you my thoughts on dental implant prices in the UK…

The expert provision of dental implants is a highly skilled dental procedure which requires extensive specialized training (usually around 2 years) in addition to a general dentist university degree, a lot of expensive technical tools such as a digital OPG dental x-ray or CT Scanner and high dental implant material costs including the dental implants themselves, the abutments and the tools for dental implantation.

The dentist carrying out a dental implant procedure should always be trained as an implantologist, or master implantologist like our Doctor here, Dr. Marek.

Fitting a dental implant involves many varied stages of treatment so some dentists give costs for the whole treatment and some break it down into parts.

all dental implants prices

You should always be entitled to have an estimate at the beginning of your dental treatment that shows the whole cost involved with all dental surgeries that carry out dental implantation.

Many dental practices’ websites in the UK do not show any costs and since this type of dental treatment varies so much it’s quite difficult to work out an exact cost without seeing a patient. However it is easy enough to put sample costs and these can serve as the basis for comparison.

BEWARE! Those dental practices without any indication of cost on their website are likely to be more expensive. From the information we have gathered on typical costs for dental implants in the UK seem to be between £1500 and £3000 with a decent private implantologist (2011)

Hidden costs such as x-rays, bone grafting models or even medication can change the cost of treatment substantially. Be sure to ask what is not included when consulting a dental implant clinic. That’s the reason our dental clinic has a strict “no hidden costs” policy and you can know beforehand exactly how much your dental implant treatment will cost.

Unfortunately, in the UK implants are not available under the NHS and the dental patient has to bear the full cost. But with Smile Clinic – Dental Holiday, it’s certainly 50%-70% cheaper, and you can have all your treatment done in just 3 short visits, just 2 hrs away from your local UK airport.

It is difficult to shop around but one way is to ask for a cost based on a simple single implant with an abutment, crown and no bone grafting involved but including all x-rays etc and use this as a basis for comparison with exactly the same thing from other practices. Here’s our way of doing it:

  • Dental Implant (including dental implant abutment): £653
  • Specialized dental implant crown: £327


Total One tooth replacement cost: £980

Temporary crowns, healing abutments, consultations, stitches, work and all necessary x-rays are included.

Are there any other cost involved?

Unfortunately sometimes, as you’d expect, particularly complex work is needed such as:

• Bone grafting
• Extractions
• Sinus lifts
• Cobalt chrome partial dentures and frameworks.

If you need any more complex work you’ll be told at the time of your consultation and your dentist will agree any extra fees with you up-front.

best dental implant

Are your dental implants as good as other systems in the UK?

Smile Clinic – Dental Holiday is run by highly knowledgeable dentists with decades of implant experience. We use only Swiss, German and US award-winning dental implants systems to offer our world-class implant dentistry results and success rates.

4 thoughts on “Dental Implant Prices”

  1. Hi Dr Marek,
    I have just boken my 9 tooyh bridge on the upper jaw, It broke the two roots on the left side, My dentist is going to take the root’s out and fit a temporary plate, tor a few week’s
    Then fit a proper plate, when swelling has all gone down,,,,,
    When i get this done.
    Should i come and see you, about some inplant’s and some bridge work then.
    Your’s Faithfully Roy

    • Dear Roy,
      8-12 weeks after your roots have been extracted is an ideal time to come over to us to fit 3-4 dental implants to support a new 9 tooth bridge. Once you’re ready to start treatment, please use our contact form to get in touch with us,

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