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Dentistry cheap as chips

dental treatment abroad review
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A portion of fish and chips cost just 50p when our dental patient started working in the fish and chips shop in 1974 at the tender age of 14, and dentistry was purely free NHS dentistry.

Over the years Carlos, 51, from the Paddox Fish Bar, (click the image to see him smiling with his cheap as chips teeth) has cooked and served more fish and chip dinners to the people of Rugby than he can remember, and the cost of dental treatment has advanced amazingly into thousands of pounds for a smile makeover.

Now after more than 36 years in the business he had decided to take off his apron and get his teeth done for good to start his retirement.

Carlos gave us 10/10 on his dental treatment abroad review:

I would say how caring and pleasant my visit was, and you really have to experience the treatment to appreciate it. By far one of the best clinics (The Best). From start to finish it’s a great experience, I would not hesitate to recommend anybody.”

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