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The dental treatment undergone by our client Darren, who visited Smile Clinic in May 2014, involved having Root Canal Treatment and then the fitting of Zirconium Crowns. This type of dental treatment is always supported by  a digital OPG X-ray or CT scan taken in our dental clinic before the initial free consultation with the Dr. Marek Salka.

The Root Canal Treatment, which consists of the removal of the infected pulp and then cleaning or sealing of the root canal itself, is always done under a digital microscope to ensure the precision of the treatment with the support of the digital X-rays and the local anesthetics meaning that the client remains pain free during the treatment.

excellent dentistry for less.
Darrens hand-written review

After taking Darren’s tooth impressions for his new Zirconium Crowns, he was fitted with temporary crowns, which served him as a temporary support until the final Zirconium Crowns were fitted.
The tooth crown (commonly known as a tooth cap) is a porcelain cap made from pure ceramic, placed over a carefully prepared natural tooth or a dental implant. These are either custom-made by hand or are made using a 3D scanning machine called “CEREC” in our on-site dental lab.

Here’s what Darren wrote as he left the clinic:

Excellent service, considerably cheaper than UK dentistry prices, no pain no hassle.

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