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Have you ever been sad to leave a dental clinic?

philip and sue1
Sue with her new ceramic bridge

“We’re so sad to leave such a super, well run and friendly clinic!” That’s exactly what Sue and Phillip said when they visited us last. After searching the internet, watching our patient testimonial videos on the Dental Holiday youtube page, this lovely couple to traveled to Slovakia from Cumbria in North England to have their dental treatment with us.

They took a Ryanair flight to Bratislava and our driver Dano took them directly to our dental clinic for their initial dental consultation with our master implantologist Dr. Marek.

Phillip with his new implant bridge
Phillip with his new implant bridge

Dr. Marek specializes on bone graft, sinus lift surgery, implant placement and smile makeovers.

There is nothing extra you need to bring over to Dental Holiday with you. All dental X-rays, CT scan, photographs, patient medical history forms are done when you arrive in the comfort of our reception area with a nice cup of tea or coffee. Your first point of contact is meeting out patient coordinator who explains to you each step of your dental treatment, so that you’re clear in your head how everything will progress.

Our Thank you card from Sue and Phil…

After an oral health examination Dr. Marek prepares your personalized treatment plan, and the case of  Phillip, we discovered that he needed full upper and lower teeth replacement with dental implants, and Sue had her failing upper crowns replaced by dental implants.

Each visit to our dental clinic abroad was used as a little holiday for them both. They met new friends, enjoyed the spa treatments and most importantly saved plenty of money on their dental treatment, by having the dental work done with us instead of locally.

To all the Team at The Smile Clinic. In gratitude for all your expert work and care for us over our five visits. We leave happy to have made our choice to come to Piestany but sad to leave such a super, well run and friendly clinic. We will be back!

I hope this encourages you to take a similar step toward a better standard of living by having the teeth of your dreams. Contact Daniel or Natalia today at the clinic.

3 thoughts on “Have you ever been sad to leave a dental clinic?”

  1. Hi there
    We are a 58 year old couple who have teeth that really need sorting out. We both have a few missing back teeth that have been extracted at various times over last 10 years and both our front teeth but they are in bad condition due to gum disease. What we are unsure about is if we decided to go for the “all on 4” implants for whole mouth each when would we have our existing teeth extracted? Can’t bear the thought of having to have them out before we come to you for the treatment and being totally toothless until treatment done, how long before doing the implants do we need to have our existing teeth removed please. Regards Maria

    • Dear Maria,
      Thank you for getting in touch and taking action concerning your teeth.
      Firstly – NO teeth should be removed until you’ve had a thorough free assessment by us. We will save & most likely bridge / crown any teeth that can be saved, and any that need extracting – we would extract and implant at the same time so that you won’t ever be without teeth, not even for 1 day.
      I hope that helps…

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