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Maggie’s Revival

Dental Holiday in Slovakia was suggested to Maggie by her niece, a dental assistant who has always referred to it as the “pinnacle of dental excellence.”

For over 17 years, Maggie had been dealing with a still uncomfortable and poorly fitted tooth bridge despite being the best she’d ever had. Although it successfully mimicked the appearance of real teeth, it lacked their functionality. Maggie had to modify her lifestyle to accommodate her bridge constantly – she was perpetually nervous about social events that might necessitate her removing the bridge, such as dining at restaurants or staying away on holiday. She was fed up and began searching for alternatives to false teeth.

Her free clinical assessment at Dental Holiday made her feel truly valued, and she immediately knew she’d found the right place. Post-treatment, she was thrilled with how much easier eating has become – even chewy caramels were no longer an issue! She gleefully recalled, “I bit into my caramel, and when I pulled away, my teeth weren’t stuck in it!”

Maggie’s only regret is not having undergone the treatment 17 years ago!

So satisfied with her treatment, Maggie has already scheduled an appointment for a similar procedure on her upper jaw!

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