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Laura’s Journey

Dental Holiday came to Laura’s attention through her best friend, a dental receptionist, who always praised it as the “gold standard” in dental care.

Laura had been struggling with a partial denture for the past 18 years – it was the best she could find, but it still didn’t fit quite right. While it did a good job mimicking the look of real teeth, it didn’t function like them. She had to adjust her lifestyle around her denture constantly – she was always anxious about social situations requiring her to remove her denture, such as eating at parties or overnight stays at friends’ places. She was tired of these compromises and started looking for alternatives to false teeth.

During her free clinical assessment at Dental Holiday, she felt truly valued and knew immediately she had found the right place. After her treatment, she was overjoyed with how much easier eating has become – even chewy bagels were no longer a challenge! “I bit into my bagel, and when I pulled away, my teeth weren’t stuck in it!”

Laura’s only regret is not having undergone the treatment 18 years ago!

So delighted with her treatment, Laura has already scheduled an appointment for a similar procedure on her upper jaw!

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