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MuDr. Marek Salka – Implantologist

Let me do your dental implants abroad.

I’m a perfectionist who refuses to take any risks and makes sure that my dental implants are done right. I also ensure that our UK patients know everything they need to know about their dental implant treatment but feel no pain or extra discomfort during the session.

I make my patients feel relaxed but work hard enough to ensure the dental work is completed before they need to leave for the airport.

I have been doing dental implants daily since I set up this dental holiday clinic in Slovakia together with Daniel Shaw 10 years ago.

We started with 3 staff members, and today we run a dental clinic with a staff total of over 40 people in 2 locations.

Since then, we have treated over 13000 people from the UK looking to save money and time by having dental treatment abroad.

When treating a dental implant client from the UK, my patient coordinators take care of the initial price and treatment plan enquiry, any questions and the overall flight and accommodation arrangements; Daniel the driver drives them here from the airport, and my assistant Monika welcomes our patients and takes care of them once they arrive in our dental clinic here.

After a digital OPG x-ray has been taken, I do the free consultation and begin treatment together with my specialist team.

Using our top-of-the-range dental implant system, we can replace anywhere from one missing tooth to a full jaw of teeth in just 3 one day visits over 3-5 months and offer a lifetime guarantee. That’s how sure I am of our success.

Here’s a picture of me at work:

And here is a patient before I began treatment.

Here’s the result with dental implants afterwards.

We currently complete 3-4 cases per day like this, each session lasting just a couple of hours.

If you’re thinking of having your dental implants done abroad, please click the button below now. Daniel is very helpful in putting together a free treatment plan and quotation for you within 24hrs, and a few emails early on – whatever you choose to do – could set you on a good path and avoid a lot of heartache (or should I say toothache 😉 later on.

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