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John’s Transformation

John was introduced to Dental Holiday by his son, a dental technician who had always spoken highly of the clinic as the “crème de la crème” of dental care.

For over two decades, John had been using a bottom denture. While it was the best he’d ever used, it was still uncomfortable and didn’t fit quite right. The denture did a decent job mimicking the appearance of real teeth but fell short when it came to function. His lifestyle had to accommodate his denture – he was constantly worried about social situations that required him to remove his denture, like eating out or staying overnight on trips. He had reached his limit and started seeking alternatives to false teeth.

When John attended his free clinical assessment, he felt like he was the centre of attention, and he instantly knew that Dental Holiday was the place he’d been looking for. After his treatment, he couldn’t stop raving about how much better eating has become – even notoriously sticky toffee pudding didn’t pose a problem! He humorously recalled, “I took a bite, and when I pulled away, my teeth weren’t stuck in the pudding!”

John’s only regret is not having had the procedure done 20 years ago!

Thrilled with his treatment, John has decided to book a follow-up appointment to get his upper jaw taken care of as well!

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