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Patient´s new teeth

Mrs. Julie and her friend Veronica contacted us in December 2018. They hoped to get a nice smile without paying one´s kidney for the treatment. Dental treatment could be very costly in UK so they decided to book some Ryanair flights to us for mid January 2019.

Both ladies have had a consultation appoitment with our senior implantologist Dr. Robert. He made treatment plans for them and ladies happily agreed.

If the patient agrees to the treatment plan we can start with the treatment on the same day as we did the consultation. Dr. Robert started with pain-free local aenesthetics. After that he removed old and unwanted bridges Julie had, did a soft tissue graft and sucessfully put 2 dental implants into patient´s bone (teeth UR4 and LL6). 


Julie´s dental implants needed 4 months of healing. For this healing time we provided her temporary dental crowns. These caps protect dental implants.

Julie and Veronica came to us again in May 2019. At the beginning of this visit Dr. Robert reshaped Julie´s front teeth to prepare them for zirconium dental crowns. Then he did root canal treatment on two of her teeth in lower right area. After that he took the impressions of reshaped teeth and also of dental implants. Thanks to precisely taken impressions are our dental technicians in dental lab able to prepare best-fitting crowns for each patient.

Unfortunately, Veronica could not come in June to us so Julie traveled on her own this time. We helped her with booking a hotel for the night and we also booked a car service for her – she didn´t had to worry about anything. 

Now Julie has 2 dental implants and 13 dental crowns sitting on her natural teeth. Six of them are on her upper teeth and 7 on her lower teeth. 

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If you have similar wish as Julie did please feel free to contact us via this CONTACT FORM and tell us about your dental situation. We will send you an e-mail with more information about your desired treatment within 24 hours.

Hand-written testimonial Julie left us after we finnished her treatment:

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