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Dental Holiday is the UK’s most recommended dental clinic abroad since 2006, beating every other Hungarian, Czech or Polish dental clinic in the region on dental treatment abroad reviewed online, in newspapers & magazines, and by official rating medical tourism agencies.

With over 500+ independent dental treatment abroad reviews, undergoing regular accreditation, over 162 patient videos on YouTube and 200+ hand written remarks, you can see right here on this page that our dental clinic has been well-tried and tested by the British public for over 10 years.

What’s more, we are proud to have been awarded, certified, accredited and featured by the organisations and media below:

Your Internationally Accredited Dental Clinic Abroad

International Accredited Dental Clinic Rated 4+


Independently assessed by various external consultants and overseas associations and organisations, you can be sure that you are deciding on the best quality of dental treatment, qualifications of dentists and the highest standards of dental clinics within Europe. We are rated 4+ on making our clinic the top rated clinics in Slovakia on expertise, facilities, services and patient feedback.

You can read more about the standards that our dental clinic in Slovakia meets here:

UK dental treatment abroad code of practice compliance:

accredited dental clinic abroad

As dental tourism grows to become a worldwide phenomenon, increasing attention is being paid to issues such as quality of treatment, accreditation of surgeons and dentists, hospitals and clinics. Sometimes these issues are raised by patients, and sometimes by professional bodies such as associations representing doctors, dentists and cosmetic surgeons.

At Smile Clinic in Slovakia, we are aware of these concerns and are keen to reinforce the standards which the dental tourism industry is gradually adopting.

Therefore, since 2008 we have been in compliance with the “dental treatment abroad code of practice” – an assessment by external UK consultants who strive to ensure the best quality of dental treatment, accreditation of dentists, hospitals and dental clinics abroad.

The results of the report and its criteria which we met 100% can be downloaded here:

Dental Holiday Clinic Approved

UK Dental Phobia Certified


For many dental phobics, while visiting the dentist fills them with dread, the implications of not visiting the dentist make them equally stressed and anxious. Their situation feels futile and their imagination runs away with them. They can’t ‘manage’ their phobia – nor can they face it.

What many dental phobics do not realise is just how common their phobia is. In recent years, great strides have been made by the dental profession in recognising that many patients need more support, more advice and more customer care from their dentists.

Our team at Smile Clinic in Slovakia has been specially trained and equipped to deal with dental phobics.
For many dental phobics, the first step with regards to visiting a dentist abroad after a long period away is now much easier. They can talk to us, find out about advice and support, explain about their phobia and discuss how to move forward.

Boots Magazine:

boot dental treatment

Gina, a fitness instructor, saved over £3,500 by having dental work done with Dental Holiday in Slovakia. A journalist for the Boots magazine wanted to do a write up of her story, which you can read here:

Boots article on dental treatment abroad in Slovakia

Independent dental treatment abroad reviews:

dentistry abroad reviews

Dental Holiday has proudly since 2009 led the way as the most rated dental clinic on the independently assessed medical tourism review website.

We are the only rated clinic in Slovakia, so our 50+ reviews, are well ahead of all the other providers in Hungary or Poland for example where there is greater number of overall reviewed dental clinics, but with much less independent reviews.

All these independent reviews can be read here.

The Daily Mirror:

daily mirror on dentists abroad

After being featured in the Boots magazine, Gina was then asked to tell her story about her dental treatment abroad to the Daily Mirror newspaper. You can see and read the original article here:

Daily Mirror on dental treatment abroad

The Sun:

Dental Holiday in the sun newspaper

Marketing assistant Cassie Crowhurst, 30, flew to us in Slovakia for cosmetic dental treatment in October 2009. Cassie, from Maidstone, Kent, says: “The clinic was spotless and my dentist a perfectionist. I’d recommend it to anyone.”

Dental Holiday Sun article

Click here to contact Dental Holiday about your dental treatment

Handwritten dentistry abroad reviews:

dental reviews

After each dental treatment case is completed by one of our UK patients, they are kindly asked to fill in their thoughts about the overall service and dental treatment in a hand-written questionnaire, which we then scan and place on this website.

Some of these patients’ reviews are recorded on video, and include some before and after picture cases. In some cases, where kind remarks are sent to us by email, we copy them to into this website.

UK Media & celebrities:

celebrity dentists

Our dental clinic abroad has been featured or mentioned in the UK press and TV, due to visits by a UK b-lists actor, UK footballer, professional rugby player, boxer, male model and a 60’s music star, all looking to save money by having their dental treatment done abroad.

The American Academy of Cosmetic dentistry:

Hollywood smiles abroad

From 2008 – 2009 the Head Dentist of Dental Holiday, Dr. Marek Salka was a member of the AACD. However, from 2010 we have been with the British Academy so that we could attend their seminars and courses more often.

The British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry:

best dentists abroad

From 2009-2012 the Dental Holiday team joined the BACD and have annually attended their meetings to meet, stay up to date with and learn from other great dentists who are part of this great dental organisation.

The Cosmetic Dentistry Guide:

Cosmetic dentistry guide At the beginning of 2011, our dental clinic abroad was selected as one of the best international cosmetic dentistry clinics, and we were awarded with the badge to display on our website.YES! I’d like more information from the most reviewed dental clinic abroad – Click here to contact us…

20 thoughts on “The Recommended Clinic Abroad”

  1. I hat had my six upper front teeth crowned I am very happy with then I also had my dentist do me a flexible type denture for my upper teeth to replace missing ones I find it impossible and painfully uncomfortable to use I would like the cost of thee implants each side of my newly crowned six front upper teeth

    • Hi John, yes it’s pretty common to find flexible dentures uncomfortable to have and have them replaced with a fixed dental implant-supported solution. I’ll get in touch with you over email so that we can discuss more on the costs and time involved with this procedure.

  2. Hi, i have 6 front teeth top and bottom remaining however these are not in brilliant condition, not enough to smile anyway. I have had all other teeth extracted ready for dentures however i would really like to have the all on 4 implants & was wondering what it would cost. Prices i have seen in uk are way out of my price range. Also do you have any other alternative recommendations . Many thanks

    • Hi Jo, certainly. I’ll follow up by email to you right now with the timelines & costs & procedures available with us to replace your teeth and make sure that you don’t need to have a denture.

  3. I am interested in having 6 implants. Those being 2 front
    top and 2 either side. I would appreciate an estimate and further information.
    Best regards
    Stewart Meadows

    • Hi Stewart, I’d love to know more about the dental implants you’re considering and your exact situation currently. I’ll send you and email right now, so that you can provide me with a little more information so that I can put together an estimate and more information for you.

  4. Hello I would like to know the cost of two implants please I have a bridge at the bottom front that has come out once and a crown at the top side needs redoing many thanks Linda.

    • Dear Linda,
      Thank you so much for leaving us a comment on our website about the dental implants and crowns that you need!

      Please use the link here to schedule your preferred time for the consultation call with one of our treatment coordinators.
      ​That person will be able to discuss in depth your treatment and estimate of costs.

      There’s also a short form to fill in once you’ve booked that will help us prepare ahead of our next call together.

  5. I need 2 implants for my lower left molars L6 and L7. Both have poor root canals , L7 a crown and L6 a filling but the tooth has broken. Both L6 and L7 have infected roots on X-ray.
    Could you please help me with :
    1) cost of each tooth implant for screw retainer
    2 ) I have been told I will have my teeth removed and then have a CT scan in 3 months to tell me if I need a bone augmentation or graft – I presume I should arrange for my teeth to be removed in the Uk and a CT scan to be performed after 3 months
    3) could you give me a price for bone augmentation and extended graft per tooth
    4) if you were to do the CT scan in 3 months would you be able to do a bone graft at the same time if it was needed ?
    5) would you place the implant screw at the same time as a bone graft or later ? If later , roughly what time scale ?
    6) as a rough guide how many trips would I need to make and over what time period
    7) could you let me know the cost of your CT scan
    Many thanks in advance

    • Dear Amanda,

      thank you for getting in touch with us.
      I have sent you an e-mail with more information, please check your mailbox and get back to us with your questions. We are happy to help.

      Wish you a nice day

      Petra – Dental Holiday

  6. Looking for price to sort my teeth out at mo wear part dentures other teeth in bad way . Full smile makeover needed .. many thanks

    • Dear Gemma,
      Thank you very much for getting in touch.
      ​Who recommended you to us?
      So that we’re able to prepare the most accurate treatment plan and quote for you, please do send me a photograph of your teeth & smile via our contact form or email.

      Here’s a useful guideline:

      I’ll then get back to you as soon as possible with my thoughts, and I’m sure we’ll get you smiling again like never before…



  7. I’m thinking of having 2 top front teeth implants how much will this work cost and what sort of guarantee can you give me about the procedure ? Many thanks Gary.

  8. I have 5 top teeth remaining ide really like all on 4 treatment this possible for you to extract remaining teeth and do this procedure..many thanks vanessa

    • Dear Vanessa,
      thank you for leaving your comment. Sure, that sounds reasonable. I have contacted you via e-mail.

      Petra – Dental Holiday

  9. I would like new teeth throughout. I have heard of the All in 4 procedure. My teeth are in a bad way and would like to smile again, can you help?



    • Dear Jerry,

      thank you for getting in touch with us, we appreciate it!
      I just sent you an e-mail requesting more information on your dental situation. It will help me provide you most accurate treatment plan and treatment estimate.
      I will be waiting for your e-mail to proceed towards your new smile 🙂

      Have a nice day
      Petra – Dental Holiday

    • Dear Gary,

      thank you for contacting us!
      I have just sent you an e-mail with more detailed information about dental implants including all costs.
      Feel free to get in touch if you will have any questions.

      Petra – Dental Holiday

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