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Replace Teeth

dental implants abroad
Replace your denture forever

For a completely new upper set of teeth, we may need to do some extractions  (although I hope you’ve still got some healthy teeth up there) and replace your denture with dental implants to support a tooth crown bridge. For patients with no healthy teeth in the upper jaw, placing a bare minimum of 6 or 8 is much better and stronger. On that sits a permanent crown bridge of 12 teeth points.

For patients who can’t afford more than 4 implants or have severe bone loss, we go for an option to place a fixed denture on 4 tooth implants.

This is an example of how the dental costs are calculated for a person with no upper teeth (if you have some healthy teeth, the price will be certainly cheaper, however, this example is for the full teeth upper or lower jaw replacement).

World-class Neodent Straumann Implants: £653 each, no extra costs for work, extractions etc. Healing abutment/caps included in the price.
(we have no hidden or extra costs)

so 6-8 implants would be = £3918 – £5224

(For your information and research: wital is one of the worst implant brands, 3i is similar to Ankylos but not as advanced technologically, Straumann, Nobel Biocare or Branemark are of the same quality as Ankylos)

The average total price of a single implant in the UK including all treatments can range anywhere from £1800 to £5000 and a full mouth reconstruction requiring several implants and major restorative work could cost you in the region of £20000 to £30000 in the UK.

And now comes the crowns:
Specialised dental implant crowns cost just £327 with us and are fitted 3-6 months after the bone has healed around your implant. These can be part of bridgework or as single individual teeth.

12 x £327 = £3924

So the total for a complete upper jaw reconstruction would be: £3918 + £3924 = £7842

Included in our price: free airport transfer, digital OPG x-rays, consultations, 24 hour phone and email support, and of course, cups of tea / coffee, smiles and help with anything about your stay – by our clinic manager, Natalia or Monika our assistant will be looking after you in the clinic.


  • Visit 1: consultation, x-ray, implantation. 1 overnight stay.
  • Visit 2: (3-6 months after visit 1) x-ray, preparation and impressions for crowns, choosing your crown colour temporary crowns fitted. 1 overnight stay.
  • Visit 3: (2 weeks after visit 2) fitting of permanent crowns. 1 overnight stay.

(to cut it down from 3 visits to 2, you could make a fortnight holiday out of it in Slovakia 😉

Accommodation if needed: We have our own modern town center flats to rent for £35 per night, or local spa hotels start from £50 upwards. You just tell us where you want to stay and we will arrange it.

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9 thoughts on “Replace Teeth”

    • Dear Claudine,
      thank you for contacting us, we appreciate your interest in our clinic.
      I’ve sent you an email so that we can schedule a call together during which I will answer all your questions and we can discuss your treatment options.
      Looking forward to speaking with you!

      Petra – Dental Holiday

  1. As an ex- Opiate Addict now free from the curse for 17 years but left with the legacy of lost teeth, do I have any worries regarding complete mouth restoration? I.e. my doctor has assured me that opioids do not cause any weakening of the bone structure of the mouth but would feel better to hear from yourselves also before proceeding.

    • Dear John,

      Thank you for your comment. If your bone structure is suitable for the surgery then there shouldnt be any problems. I sending you all the information via email.
      Kind regards

  2. I am looking for full upper and lower fixed dentures.the treatment and pricing.but do I have a consultation in the UK prior to treatment

    • Dear Donna,
      As a full accredited cosmetic dental clinic, we do not do “overdentures” (dentures attached to dental implants) as no-one should have to go through wearing any type of denture in this century – it belongs to the last century. Cosmetically they don’t look like teeth, can cause gagging, need to be taken out to be cleaned as food gets trapped underneath, don’t feel like real teeth when eating as many patients can’t eat properly with them.

      The alternative is dental implants supporting a full arch of porcelain bridgework, the shade and shape exactly matched to your requirements, fixed permanently, cleaned as you would clean your natural teeth, doesn’t cause gagging, and giving you the ability to eat with confidence again.

      We prefer that you have the consultation with the actual implantologist who will be doing your dental work, therefore we have a free consultation and x-rays offered here in our clinic in Slovakia. It’s just a 1-2 flight from the UK and you can fly in and out on the same day from Stanstead.
      Does that help?

    • Dear Carmen, everything you need to know should be contained in these webpages, however should you have any specific questions, please contact me directly through our enquiry form.

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