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Bone available for dental implants?

dental implants abroad are cheaper
dental implants abroad are cheaper

In a small number of patients, dental implants are not possible due to the low amount of suitable jawbone available for the dental implant to be placed into. This is solved with a process called a “sinus lift” or “bone graft”.

Possibly you’ve suffered from extensive periodontal disease, an ill fitting denture or tooth loss, and we find that the jawbone ( the upper back jawbone is especially susceptible) is too thin or short for the placement of dental implants.

Bone grafts in the mouth provide a proven way of increasing the bone around the teeth. If this is your case, during the free consultation and x-rays you can discuss the bone graft treatment process and the possible alternatives with your dental implant specialist abroad.

In some cases, especially with smaller bone graft work, and where there is no infection present, dental implants can be placed at the same time that the bone graft or tooth extraction takes place. In all other cases, the waiting time for the bone to heal before further dental work can take place is around 12 weeks.

For minor bone irregularities, guided tissue regeneration may be used. This involves the use of a membrane as a barrier to isolate the area where bone is required. The barrier prevents other cells from growing in and enables the bone cells to form new bone. This technique may be used with an implant, a bone graft or by itself.

The bone graft / sinus lift procedure is quite a painless procedure. It is done in most cases under local anaesthetic – the same as all other dental procedures done in our clinic, and takes usually  30min – 1hr.

General anaesthetic is also available if you prefer to be asleep during the bone graft procedure, and it costs £300-£680 depending on the length of time of the dental treatment involved.

Sinus lifts have become common over the past 15 years, and  artificial bone-graft material is used more commonly than bone.

Major cost savings can be made simply by having your bone graft or sinus lift done abroad in our dental clinic. Click on the button below and fill in your details for more information about having a bone graft for dental implants abroad.

5 thoughts on “Bone available for dental implants?”

  1. front upper tooth was knocked out and replaced over 10 years ago bone has worn away needs bone graft. two to the front right of that tooth are veneered and one to the front left is veneered and chipped needs re veneer.

    lower right large gap needs 2 implants upper left large gap also probably 2 implants. lower teeth also ground down a lot and are small. quote please firstly on immediate necessary work of font teeth then as a whole thanks.

    • Dear Julie,
      Thank you for getting in touch and I’m sorry to hear that you lost that tooth. I suggest that you come over for a free consultation and x-ray, and if a bone graft is needed (typically £300-£800 depending on the time and material involved) we could do that straight away and possibly fit an implant as well, to save an extra journey. For this you would bee an overnight stay. Once the bone has healed, we can than move towards putting either a single crown on the implants, or joining them as a bridge if you need your veneered teeth re-doing. That way you’d need possibly just one implant in the gap and a tooth bridge across the gap joining to the veneered tooth.
      Each implant with abutment and crown costs £891 with us. There are no added or extra charges.
      The lower teeth if you’d like to dot hem as well at a later stage will most likely need crowning, which costs £297 per tooth.
      Does that help?

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