White Fillings

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If you need a number of tooth coloured white filling or would like to replace your old metal amalgam fillings with new white ones for cosmetic reasons, then you might want to inquire about having your fillings done abroad. Silver, mercury based fillings are in some dental circles and countries are considered potentially “toxic”.

Also called composite fillings, white fillings are made from tooth-coloured materials that restore the natural appearance of a decayed or previously filled tooth. Because they match the colour of your natural teeth, tooth coloured fillings are a part of good cosmetic dentistry abroad.

How much does a white filling cost?

Because white fillings are considered “cosmetic”, you can only have them done privately. The typical UK private dentistry price is around £110.
The current price to change a metal filling to a white one with Dental Holiday is £67

How long does a white filling take to do?

Doing a white filling is much more complicated and time consuming that doing a metal amalgam filling. However you can expect to be in the dental chair for 15-30 mins per filling dependent on the dentist skills and size / difficulty / position of the white filling to be done.

Are white fillings as good as silver amalgam fillings?

White fillings have always been considered less long lasting than silver amalgam fillings. However the new materials available with properties comparable to silver amalgam, and these are proving to be very successful and will last just as long as a silver filling would.

Tooth coloured fillings, unlike silver fillings, are bonded onto your teeth. Tooth coloured fillings are best for small cavity restorations. Properly cared-for tooth coloured fillings on front teeth can last a lifetime, but on back teeth they normally last between 7 and 10 years. If you already have silver fillings, but wish that they would look more natural, you can replace them with tooth coloured fillings. Tooth coloured fillings, unlike silver fillings, allow you to eat as soon as the anaesthesia wears off.

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Alternatives to white fillings?

An alternative to white fillings are porcelain inlays or onlays but they are more expensive (currently £297 per tooth)

What are tooth-coloured fillings made of?

This can vary, but they are mainly made of a synthetic resin mixed with composite porcelain particles to give it a white appearance and strength.

What does a recent patient say about having their metal fillings changed to white fillings with Dental Holiday?

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