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Teeth Whitening


In-chair laser teeth whitening takes just an hour using blue laser light treatment. The most important factor in teeth whitening is what type of gel is being used.
In our dental clinic we use 2 methods:

Opalescence tooth whitening method from the USA – 1-2hrs
Also from the USA, this uses a red / orange lamp which is more suitable for those with sensitive teeth.

Take home whitening kit – overnight
Both of the above tooth whitening methods can be strengthened by using a take home kit which costs just £50 and is used 6 months after the initial whitening treatment has taken place.

How long does whitening last?
Tooth whitening procedures last about 6 months. Another alternative is to get to have tooth crowns or porcelain veneers, which are stainless and will give you a bright, even smile for the rest of your life.

Does teeth whitening hurt?
No, it is a completely painless procedure, although you may feel sensitivity in your teeth for the following week.

Does tooth whitening damage my teeth?
Unfortunately, yes it does. In the long term, it makes your teeth more sensitive. It is not advised for those who already suffer from sensitive teeth.

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