all the doctors and nurses were very nice and thoughtful here in Smile Clinic

It´s been scientifically proven that oral health determines your overall well-being.

Ms. Betty had only 10 teeth in her mouth left which is surely not enough to be able to chew properly, not mentioning that a wide smile on her face has disappeared completely in past years. She decided that now is the time enjoy food and life again therefore she came to our dental clinic where she found our experienced team. During the initial consultation Dr. Marek Salka, our head implantologist, made for Ms. Betty a treatment plan – All on 6 dental implant procedure.

After successful surgery performed by Dr. Marek the patient has 12 dental implants – 6 dental implants in her lower jaw and 6 dental implants in her upper jaw. Before the implantation the doctor had to extract 5 teeth from Betty´s upper jaw and 5 from her lower jaw. Also, a bone graft has been done before the implantation.

OPG Xray before

On the same day, we provided a temporary dental bridge to the patient. The provisional dental bridge is serving as a denture during the healing period (usually 2-4 months). This temporary bridge is fixed to the implants so the patient doesn´t have to put it in every morning.

OPG X ray after

A few months have passed and Betty´s dental implants were securely healed with her bone. Therefore we could continue with her dental treatment – during her next visit we took impressions of healed dental implants. Then we sent them to our specialized dental lab. Thanks to these precisely taken impressions our dental technicians were able to prepare final 14- point full-ceramic dental bridges for the patient. After 3 weeks her final dental bridges were ready so she came to the clinic for final fitting.

As Betty said in a testimonial she wrote after finishing the treatment, “I was very satisfied, all the doctors and nurses were very nice and thoughtful. I can recommend this to everyone. Thank you for beautiful smile. Alžbeta”

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