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I maxed out my smile with Emax crowns

Our patient Rado – as many of our other patients – also achieved a new smile thanks to E-max dental crowns. Now he is extremely satisfied with his looks and as you can see in the picture, his new teeth are really beautiful.

Mr. Rado’s new teeth

E-max dental crowns are similar in structure to natural human teeth. Due to their high aesthetic appeal, we recommend them especially on the frontal area of ​​the mouth, whether on the upper or lower jaw. Many times, E-MAX dental crowns are indistinguishable from natural teeth and therefore they are the most popular type of dental crowns. Patients have a choice of many shades of white, ranging from bright Hollywood white to natural “yellow” colours.


This is Mr. Rado after fitting E-max dental crowns. The treatment results in a natural-looking and highly aesthetic dentition.

The patient undergoes the entire treatment under local anesthesia, so apart from the feeling of pressure, you will not feel any other pain. Just like Mr. Radoslav, two short visits to the dental clinic are enough and a beautiful smile is yours.

E.-max dental crowns

The first step is a non-binding consultation, during which the doctor examines you, talks to you about your needs and expectations and prepares a treatment plan for you. If you agree with the proposed treatment plan, we can start with the procedure – during the first part of the treatment, the doctor will reshape your teeth gently and take impressions. With the help of nurses, you will choose both the colour and shape of your future teeth. Right after impression taking, your doctor will put on temporary crowns so no one will notice that you are undergoing dental treatment.

Caring for full ceramic crowns is no different than caring for your own teeth. Suitable is a circular-wiping technique of brushing with a soft toothbrush and using dental floss or inter-dental brushes for cleaning inter-dental spaces. Regular visits to a dental hygienist for deep cleaning and annual preventive check ups are also required to maintain the 5-year long guarantee.