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– All you’ll ever need and want to know about dental implants abroad is right here!

You’ve probably heard a good deal about the benefits of dental implants if hoping and wishing for your teeth to come back again hasn’t worked out yet.

Unfortunately, dental implant prices and healing / treatment / waiting times in the UK are not likely to go down either in the near future, but by requesting a free dental implant quote and dental implants abroad cost £456 treatment plan today, you are on the path to taking an action that will change what and how you eat…and even how you look and smile.

If you’re considering having your dental implants abroad, you probably have tons of questions, that you want answered like: what are dental implants? why have them done abroad? is it safe to have dental implants done abroad? how much do dental implants cost abroad? how long is the guarantee on dental implants? etc…

Daniel & Dr. Mark can help you with them:

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Yes, I’m considering dental implants abroad

False Teeth/ Dentures – No Way Jose!

QUALITY: Straumann Neodent or Ankylos Brand 5* dental implants guaranteed for life (this same dental implant brand costs over £550 in Hungary or Poland)
ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: We use the latest technology, which allows our implant patients to walk out of their implant procedure with fully functioning teeth. We really can provide teeth in a single day.
Save TIME: Your dental implants completed in 3 one day visits over 2-3 months.
Peace of mind: Dental implant treatment always carried out by 15 years experienced master implantologists, accredited by the medical university of Frankfurt.

What are dental implants?

What are dental implants?

Dental Implants are titanium biocompatible rods or screws embedded surgically into the jawbone.  An extension (called an abutment) is then secured to the dental implant so that a new dental crown can be placed on it, giving you the fully functional and look of natural teeth that will last longer than a lifetime. You can read more and watch a video here where Dr. Mark explains the dental implant process.

Why have my dental implants abroad?

It’s not only cheaper, dental implants cost only £456 (about 50-70 % off UK dental prices for the same type of dental implant) it’s also much quicker (just 3 overnight visits needed as opposed to many multiple visits). You can have access to one of Europe’s leading implantologists, and have a solid guarantee that if you lose the dental implant within 10 years, it will be replaced free of charge. Read more here about the reasons behind having your dental implants done abroad.

How long does a typical dental implant process take?

Most dental clinics will tell you 3-6 months healing time and each visit lasting one week. However, due to the high expertise of Dr. Mark, a typical dental implant case done by our dental clinic abroad just 3 short visits are required and each visit should be an overnight stay spaced evenly over 2-3 months according to the implantologists instructions. You can click here to read about each stage of the dental implant procedure abroad.

What are the typical costs involved with having dental implants abroad?

We have no hidden or extra costs, airport transfer, digital x-rays, temporary crowns, dental work, expert consultation sessions, cups of tea and smiles all included. However, apart from your accommodation costs (around £30 per night) and 3x cheap flight costs to Bratislava from the UK, you can expect to pay:

Dental implants cost only £456 for the advanced Straumann 5* Neodent dental implant
and £197 for the dental implant abutment


= £653 per dental implant!


On top of this you will need to decide for a single dental crown (£327) , or some dental bridgework involving adjacent teeth (£327 per tooth or tooth gap) or a fixed denture.

Read more here about the exact pricing behind having your dental implants cost abroad.

YES! I’d like dental implants abroad

What if I don’t have enough bone available or successful dental implantation?

Experienced Dental Implantologists can tell from the initial digital OPG x-ray if a bone graft or sinus lift will be needed to support the dental implants. If you think that this might be the case with you, please click here to find out more about bone graft and sinus lift.

How long are Dental Implants guaranteed for?

All our dental implants, whatever the brand or type are guaranteed for a lifetime.

You can get a warranty on second-hand cars. You can get a warranty on just about every disposable household appliance. Yet dental professionals tend to shy away from warranties or guarantees, on one of their most proudly accomplished dental restorations – dental implants.

Why is this so? We dare challenge this here with our clear dental implant guarantee.

What is the typical experience of dental implant patients from the UK?

We treat 100’s of implant cases with UK patients each year, and thankfully many of them are willing to share with our prospective patients their very own “dental implant story”. You can watch some of these dental patient videos and read their dental implant experiences here.

Does dental implant treatment hurt?

Teeth are much harder and have a better nerve supply than bone. Thus it is easier to make the mouth numb to do a dental implant than it is to do a filling or an extraction. Most dental implants these days are placed using local anaesthesia, the mouth may be sore for a few days but heals rapidly.

Dental implant problems abroad

Very rarely do problems occur with dental implants. If the dentist doesn’t think that the dental implant will be successful, he simply won’t take the risk. However, most dental implant problem is peri-implantitis. Basically, this is inflammation or swelling of the gum tissue surrounding the dental implants. This is caused by the presence of bacteria in the area. This can lead to bone loss and can cause the implant to fail. Read here to find out more about how to deal with dental implant problems after having dental treatment abroad.

Wait! I have no teeth whatsoever 🙁

replace a denture with 4 dental implants

Then you are surely interested in a solution called “all on 4” where just 4 dental implants are used to support a bridge of up to 10-12 new teeth formed in a bridge for the upper or lower jaw.

You can finally throw away that uncomfortable denture! Read more here about the all-on-4 dental implant procedure.

Further Dental Implant Resources:

Anything else you need to research about having your dental implants abroad?

Here you’ll find a full list of dental implant information. What’s missing? If there is a topic area about dental implants abroad that you would like to see in the list above, please let us know in the comments below, and we’ll add it as soon as we can.

YES! I’d like dental implants abroad

Dental implants are becoming very popular for those with “gaps” in their smile or people who don’t want to wear dentures. In the UK and other countries in the EU, dental costs can be quite high and out of reach for the average earner or senior on a fixed income.

At Smile Clinic – Dental Holiday we don’t believe you should have to worry about your smile or worse, not being able to eat the food you love because you can’t chew or bite properly. Our implant prices are very reasonable and the consultation and x-rays are FREE!

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