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Dental implants cost only £653

Mr. Iv'e had dental implants and I'm proud of it

Want to love the teeth you’re missing?

– All you’ll ever need and want to know about dental implants abroad is right here!

You’ve probably heard a good deal about the benefits of dental implants if hoping and wishing for your teeth to come back again hasn’t worked out yet.

Unfortunately, dental implant prices and healing/treatment/waiting times in the UK are not likely to go down either in the near future, but by requesting a free dental implant quote and dental implants abroad cost £653 treatment plan today, you are on the path to taking an action that will change what and how you eat…and even how you look and smile.

If you’re considering having your dental implants abroad, you probably have tons of questions, that you want answered like: what are dental implants? why have them done abroad? is it safe to have dental implants done abroad? how much do dental implants cost abroad? how long is the guarantee on dental implants? etc…

Daniel & Dr. Mark can help you with them:

  • All you need to know about having your dental implants abroad can be found below
  • Or you can book a dental implant appointment with us now by filling out the dental inquiry abroad form using the big green button on this page.
  • We know your time is precious and will try to reply to all email inquiries within 24hrs with a straightforward answer.

Yes, I’m considering dental implants abroad

False Teeth/ Dentures – No Way Jose!

QUALITY: Straumann Neodent or Ankylos Brand 5* dental implants guaranteed for life (this same dental implant brand costs over £550 in Hungary or Poland)
ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY: We use the latest technology, which allows our implant patients to walk out of their implant procedure with fully functioning teeth. We really can provide teeth in a single day.
Save TIME: Your dental implants completed in 3 one day visits over 2-3 months.
Peace of mind: Dental implant treatment always carried out by 15 years experienced master implantologists, accredited by the medical university of Frankfurt.

What are dental implants?

What are dental implants?

Dental Implants are titanium biocompatible rods or screws embedded surgically into the jawbone.  An extension (called an abutment) is then secured to the dental implant so that a new dental crown can be placed on it, giving you the fully functional and look of natural teeth that will last longer than a lifetime. You can read more and watch a video here where Dr. Mark explains the dental implant process.

Why have my dental implants abroad?

It’s not only cheaper, dental implants cost only £456 (about 50-70 % off UK dental prices for the same type of dental implant) it’s also much quicker (just 3 overnight visits needed as opposed to many multiple visits). You can have access to one of Europe’s leading implantologists, and have a solid guarantee that if you lose the dental implant within 10 years, it will be replaced free of charge. Read more here about the reasons behind having your dental implants done abroad.

How long does a typical dental implant process take?

Most dental clinics will tell you 3-6 months healing time and each visit lasting one week. However, due to the high expertise of Dr. Mark, a typical dental implant case done by our dental clinic abroad just 3 short visits are required and each visit should be an overnight stay spaced evenly over 2-3 months according to the implantologists instructions. You can click here to read about each stage of the dental implant procedure abroad.

What are the typical costs involved with having dental implants abroad?

We have no hidden or extra costs, airport transfer, digital x-rays, temporary crowns, dental work, expert consultation sessions, cups of tea and smiles all included. However, apart from your accommodation costs (around £30 per night) and 3x cheap flight costs to Bratislava from the UK, you can expect to pay:

Dental implants cost only £456 for the advanced Straumann 5* Neodent dental implant
and £197 for the dental implant abutment


= £653 per dental implant!


On top of this you will need to decide for a single dental crown (£327) , or some dental bridgework involving adjacent teeth (£327 per tooth or tooth gap) or a fixed denture.

Read more here about the exact pricing behind having your dental implants cost abroad.

YES! I’d like dental implants abroad

What if I don’t have enough bone available or successful dental implantation?

Experienced Dental Implantologists can tell from the initial digital OPG x-ray if a bone graft or sinus lift will be needed to support the dental implants. If you think that this might be the case with you, please click here to find out more about bone graft and sinus lift.

How long are Dental Implants guaranteed for?

All our dental implants, whatever the brand or type are guaranteed for a lifetime.

You can get a warranty on second-hand cars. You can get a warranty on just about every disposable household appliance. Yet dental professionals tend to shy away from warranties or guarantees, on one of their most proudly accomplished dental restorations – dental implants.

Why is this so? We dare challenge this here with our clear dental implant guarantee.

What is the typical experience of dental implant patients from the UK?

We treat 100’s of implant cases with UK patients each year, and thankfully many of them are willing to share with our prospective patients their very own “dental implant story”. You can watch some of these dental patient videos and read their dental implant experiences here.

Does dental implant treatment hurt?

Teeth are much harder and have a better nerve supply than bone. Thus it is easier to make the mouth numb to do a dental implant than it is to do a filling or an extraction. Most dental implants these days are placed using local anaesthesia, the mouth may be sore for a few days but heals rapidly.

Dental implant problems abroad

Very rarely do problems occur with dental implants. If the dentist doesn’t think that the dental implant will be successful, he simply won’t take the risk. However, most dental implant problem is peri-implantitis. Basically, this is inflammation or swelling of the gum tissue surrounding the dental implants. This is caused by the presence of bacteria in the area. This can lead to bone loss and can cause the implant to fail. Read here to find out more about how to deal with dental implant problems after having dental treatment abroad.

Wait! I have no teeth whatsoever 🙁

replace a denture with 4 dental implants

Then you are surely interested in a solution called “all on 4” where just 4 dental implants are used to support a bridge of up to 10-12 new teeth formed in a bridge for the upper or lower jaw.

You can finally throw away that uncomfortable denture! Read more here about the all-on-4 dental implant procedure.

Further Dental Implant Resources:

Anything else you need to research about having your dental implants abroad?

Here you’ll find a full list of dental implant information. What’s missing? If there is a topic area about dental implants abroad that you would like to see in the list above, please let us know in the comments below, and we’ll add it as soon as we can.

YES! I’d like dental implants abroad

Dental implants are becoming very popular for those with “gaps” in their smile or people who don’t want to wear dentures. In the UK and other countries in the EU, dental costs can be quite high and out of reach for the average earner or senior on a fixed income.

At Smile Clinic – Dental Holiday we don’t believe you should have to worry about your smile or worse, not being able to eat the food you love because you can’t chew or bite properly. Our implant prices are very reasonable and the consultation and x-rays are FREE!

32 thoughts on “Dental implants cost only £653”

  1. Hi there, I have a number of white filings which are chipped and discoloured along with amalgam filings which constantly require redoing. I believe I may need 13 crowns to the upper jaw and 5 to the bottom, along with tooth whitening to the front lower teeth. Overall I would like my teeth to look much whiter and translucent! Can this be acheived and if so what are the approx costings and how long will this take? Thanks Nicki

    • Hi Nicki, would you please be able to send a photo of your teeth as an attachment through the form on our website. That would help us provide a much better estimate of the costs and time involved to repair those fillings you mentioned and get your teeth in the way you’d like them to appear. Thanks!

  2. Hi please could you provide me with cost for a full upper jaw all on four or six implants I have one tooth left and that will need to be removed travelling from the U.K. do you use certain airlines and accommodation please provide me with info thanks

    • Hi Jonathan, thank you for contacting us, we appreciate your interest in our clinic. I’ve sent you an email so that we can schedule a call together during which I will answer all your questions. Looking forward to speaking with you!

    • Hi Leah, thank you for your comment. We’re based in Slovakia which is reachable from Edinburgh airport direct to Bratislava or Vienna airports (about a 2h direct flight).
      So that I can provide a more precise quote & treatment plan especially for you, please use the link below to schedule a 5-10 min call with me or one of my team should I not be available.

      I’ll then be able to send you a personalized response by email and schedule a further call to answer any questions should you have any.

      Kindest regards,


  3. Hello I have been quoted £2500 from UK dentist to have (UR5) upper right side.

    I am told that I need some bone graft – the letter is pressuring me into going ahead with the treatment as things will get worse & cost more if I leave it, is this true?

    how do you compare on prices?
    Extraction UR5 – £150
    Placement of implant £1200 & £300 bone graft
    Impression for definitive crown work £850

    I believe my sister has used you before – do you offer interest free like the UK?

    kind regards,

    • Hi Dean,
      Thank you for your comment. It’s correct that bone loss can worsen over time, and indirectly affect the adjacent teeth, causing the loss of them as well if not treated. However there’s no “exact” time line, it can be matter of months, years or not at all – but in most cases it happens sooner or later.

      As for a cost comparison, you’d save approx 50% by having the work done with us (and a better treatment experience – see our 280+ handwritten review section on this website).
      UR5 Extraction: £47
      Dental implant & abutment: £594 (Neodent by Straumann – the worlds no.1 dental implant brand – lifetime guarantee)
      Bone graft: £300
      Implant crown: £297

      That’s £1238 in comparison to the £2500 you have been quoted, a saving of 50%

      Payment is split across 2 visits needed 60% on visit 1, the remaining 40% on your last visit. The healing time is 4-5 months.
      We place approx 200 dental implants per month on UK patient for the past 6 years, so you can be sure you’re in the best hands.
      If you’d like to make a booking, please use our contact form on this website to write to me directly.



  4. Hi
    Can you confirm that you only use top quality implant brands highlighted on your website? Im concerned i might recieve a low cost implant.
    My local dentist told me to to avoid low cost implant brands as they are not worth the risk of failure. Which brand of implant do you currently use?

    • Dear Lynda,
      The dental implants that we’re currently using are Ankylos & Neodent from the Straumann company. I hope that helps you to decide. If you have further questions, please feel free to email us.

  5. I have many missing and broken teeth. I started to have work done around 5 years ago which resulted in one failed attempt to install an implant and 2 successfully installed implants. The implantologist then left the practice and I ran out of money so the work was never completed. One of the implants is now visible due to the gum receeding. Can the existing implants be used as a basis for finishing the work or do they have to be removed?

    • Dear Phil,
      I am sorry to hear about that.
      The best idea would be to find out from the practice or your bill / communication exactly what brand of dental implant was used. Once you know this, then you can approach an implantologist who uses the same type (he or she will then have the right tools) so that they can be used alongside a new one to complete the bridgework.
      I hope that helps…

  6. Hi

    I did post this already but it has gone from the screen? My situation – upper right – i have front tooth, next tooth and fang, next tooth broken off at jaw, awaiting extraction, one lonely molar then nothing else. Would you extract the remnant from the root plus the lonely molar, as it already has fillings and is a bit weary! replace with dental implant 4 on 2? Upper left, front, next one, fang and one next to it, gap of two or three then one lonely molar. This has also been filled so may wish to extract it and implant 3 teeth on a fitting? I have no bite area and soup has it’s limits!!! 🙂 How long between extraction and implants, please and rough price if you can?

    • Dear Anne-Marie,
      It’s hard to say without an x-ray, however yes the root would most likely be extracted, and the “lonely” tooth used as a bridge support along with 1-2 dental implants to support a 4 tooth bridge, the same on the other side – using the “lonely” tooth as a bridge support along with 1 dental implant for a 4 point bridge.
      Most likely the extraction can be done and they implant placed at the same time if their is no infection around the tooth involved.

      You’d need 3 one day visits to us over 2-3 months to complete the treatment and expected costs would be:

      2 x £594 for the dental implants & abutment = £1188
      £37 extraction
      2 x £1188 all ceramic 4 point bridges = £2376
      Total: £3564

      I hope that helps…

  7. Hi, I have just visited the dentist today, to enquire what treatment could be offered to fill the gaps 4 and 5 on my upper left and gap 3 on lower right. He doesn’t advise having a bridge fitted as the space is to big to fill on mu upper left. The other options are a denture or implants. The enquiry I have is the price I would be at your clinic for implants to be fitted.



    • Dear Gary,
      Thank you for getting in touch.
      There are a few choices:
      Gap 3 on lower right – could be a single implant, abutment & crown, which would be £891 – it’s a better option that a bridge, as the dental implant will serve you for life.
      Gap 4 & 5 upper left – could be 2 single implants, abutments & crowns (£1782) or a single implant supporting a 3 point bridge which would cost £1485, you’d save a bit of money, but it’s not as strong as 2 single dental implants and is only worth doing if one of the adjacent teeth to the gap is in need of a crown, but has healthy roots.

      Timewise, you’d need 3 one day visits over 2-3 months to complete the treatment due to the healing time involved with having dental implants, but temporary crowns would be provided free of charge in-between times.

      I hope that helps…

    • Thnks for the speedy reply, I live in Aberdeen, roughly how much will the flights cost to the clinic. I also note that 3 one day visits are required so wouldn’t need to book overnight accommodation, or is it advisable to stay overnight on each visit? As this will increase the price alongside the flights. The price quoted for the work is fantastic, I don’t suppose you offer a complete package with flights and accommodation if required.

      I shall look forward to your reply.



    • Dear Gary,
      Your nearest airport would be Edinburgh, which currently flies to Bratislava with a couple of times a week, and costs typically less that £100 each way.
      As the flights are not daily (only Luton or Stanstead have this option) you’d stay overnight anyway. This is recommended on the first visit, as it’s the most tiresome one, but visit 2 & 3 are fine.
      Unfortunately clinics in central Europe don’t offer to book flights for patients, as they would need a special “travel agents” licence and insurance for that, unless they are really “travel agents” you’re not dealing with the clinic staff directly as you are here.
      However we do organise local accommodation for patients, as the clinic owns a couple of flats nearby, and knows which B&Bs or hotels offer the best options for our UK patients.
      I hope that helps…

  8. Hi I was given a bridge when I was 16 , 3 teeth on it on right handside next to my front teeth, I am now 50 the root went last year and I no longer could have the bridge I was given a denture,which I can’t wear,as I have an over bite my bottom teeth go into the roof of my mouth which keeps knocking the denture I can’t eat with them or talk properly,my two bottom teeth had to be filed down which our badly misshapen because of my bite,they also give me a lot pain when the denture is in. I do smoke but I am trying to quit I would like some advice on what could be done and how much I would be looking at,many thanks

    • Hi Sharon, a dental implant supported bridge is what you’d be look at. I’d have to see an x-ray to tell you exactly, however it will most likely be 1-2 dental implants & abutments supporting a 4-5 point bridge.

      To complete this type of treatment, you’d need to make 2-3 one day visits to our clinic over 2-3 months, and the costs would be min £1782 – max £2673 depending on how many implants and bridge points are needed.

      With the dental implants and new bridge we can sort out some of the bite problem, and certainly stop any pain you currently may have, as well as giving you a brighter, even and more symmetric smile.

      Here’s a list of dates that are fully booked, all other dates are available:

      Once you’ve made the flight booking to Bratislava / Vienna airport, please send the details to me along with your desired choice of accommodation and I’ll get about sorting everything out for you, and then send you a confirmation email.

      I look forward to welcoming you to our dental clinic personally.



  9. I am not very happy with my teeth and am always conscience when I smile. I only have 7 teeth left on my upper jaw and would like to extend this to 11 or 12. this would probably involve 3 implants and one bridge. I would also like to have my 2 front teeth realigned as they are slightly leaning to one side. I would also probably need at least one implant on my lower jaw. I had an implant for 15 years that fell out about 4 years ago. What would be the approximate cost for this treatment. On average if I was to stay in the cheapest accommodation you could offer what would be the average coat per visit. Thank you

  10. Hi i’m Ian,i live in the uk.Although i have regularly visited dentists and don’t smoke or don’t drink alcohol on a regular basis,my teeth seem always to have been a problem.When growing up it seems the NHS view of things was just fill the tooth or pull them out.I have also had some very bad dental advice over the years which has lead to my current problem.I have a bridge which is fitted across six teeth at the front of my mouth which was badly fitted a few years ago and is now loose and broken.The NHS solution is pull the balance of 4 teeth out and have a denture.I have asked about the cost of private dental work and frankly the prices are just astronomical.Could you let me know if you cpuld help me and what the possible costs would be.

    • Hi Ian,
      I see that you’ve just filled in our enquiry form, so I’ll reply more in-depth there, however I’m sorry to hear that you’ve lost many of your teeth due to the “if it hurts – take it out” dentistry of the UK past.
      I certainly would advise having a digital OPG x-ray or CT scan done (can be done free of charge in our clinic) to see if the existing roots of the teteh can be saved, and if not then the alternative to a denture would be the “all on 4” system. That would put 12 new teeth per jaw on top of 4 implants per jaw. The cost for the is is currently £5940 per jaw, and usually requires 3 one day visits over 2-3 months to complete, however you’ll have teeth from the very 1st visit.
      I hope that helps…

  11. Recently had one tooth knocked out ( upper jaw) and require an implant at some point, the two front teeth are fractured from the trauma i recieved and also need taking out and two implants for them (11,21) i obviously need to have a denture when the two front teeth get replaced. do you recommend me getting the teeth out now and getting denture from uk nhs or having whole dental procedure completed start to finish with yourselves.
    what would be cost of complete package for flights/hotel and dental treatment from start to finish and how many trips would i need to take to visit the dental practice?

    • Dear Joe,
      I’m sorry to hear about your accident. Do you have a recent x-ray that you an send us? By the sounds of it, because it’s a recent fracture, the best way to go about it would be to extract and immediately implant, and place a temporary bridge in that position over the healing time. This would be an overnight visit.
      On visit 2 we’d make impressions of for the final crowns and check the healing process, and on visit 3 we’d fit the final crowns. These are also overnight visits, and the treatment would take 2-3 months.
      Local accommodation is around £30 per night, we do free airport transfers from Bratislava / Vienna to the clinic. The cost would be £397 per implant, and £197 per implant abutment (needed to joint the crown on the implant). Implant crowns are £297 and there are no hidden or extra costs involved.

      I hope that helps…


    • Yes helps alot thanks,
      So each implant+abutment+implant crown will cost 891 pound-as I need three cost comes to 2673 pounds, how much extra would it cost for extraction of teeth and the denture whilst implants heal?


  12. Hi
    I have been in touch be four but have had all my emails lost on my computer . After looking at all the clinics on the web i like what i see in your clinic . what i am looking for is a full bridge at the front top . will the all on 4 hold this in place? . With a set of temperey to come home with until my next visit how much will this be . allan

  13. I’m from the US and in need of 3 implants, 2 upper molars, and #19. It’s expensive as you know, but I’d like it to be done right (I have a dentist who has fit 1000’s of them in his previous practice), but it’s really expensive. Could you let me know the prices and how this works? I have been a product of repeated poor healthcare, and I cannot afford for this work to not work perfectly.


    • Hello Brian , thank you for your comment .You don’t need to worry about coming to our dental clinic in Slovakia, Dr.Marek has done over 1000 implants and our success rate is very high . We use top quality dental implants and dental materials. All inclusive price for 1 dental implant with special implant crown is £891 temporary healing abutments , X-ray , Ct-scan , temporary crown free of charge. Implants case require 3 visits, 1.visit is initial consultation + implantation, 2.visit (6-8weeks later) you will need to return for a one day stay to have impressions taken of your healed implants so that the bridgework or crowns can be made up for you. 3. visit final fitting of special implants crowns. If you would like to discuss your treatment feel free to call me directly on 00421 949 221 114 or you can email me using this form on our website.

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