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Dental surgery Abroad

after porcelain crowns abroad

Should you have Dental Surgery abroad?

We all can identify with the fact that whenever you go to a place other than your own, you are in most cases, treated and dealt with in a nice, pleasant, and even a more respectful manner. At home, apart from the people who have home employed personnel or a nice loving wife who normally takes care of certain needs; if you want a cup of tea or coffee, in most instances, you have to go and get/make it yourself. However, when you are on vacation in another city, town, or even your friends’ house your tea/coffee is being brought to you. Not to mention, if you are on vacation in another country.

You might be thinking!  Why would I leave the comfort of my own home/homeland to go to a foreign country to have dental treatment?

The truth be told, here’s why!

At the Piestany Dental clinic, we pride ourselves in making sure that all our patients get the best dental care and quality services available. Our unbeatable prices, diligent and professional staff, and our friendly and relaxed environment are just a few reasons to consider having dental treatment abroad. Given the fact that those were just a few reasons to consider getting your dental treatment abroad, I have a detailed list of other reasons why you should get dental treatment abroad along with some of our patients testimonies.

Five Reasons to get Dental Treatment Abroad

1. Cost effectiveness of the surgery: I can tell you that most of our dental patients were surprised at the low cost they paid for everything. They were amazed at the fact that, with flight costs, all the dental treatment procedures, accommodations and a host of other services rendered, they were still able to save more than half of what they would have to pay in the UK, just for the dental treatment.

2. Shorter waiting period or no waiting periods whatsoever: To be honest, we do not have a waiting list at our dental clinic. Our clients are mainly UK nationals and it would be next to impossible to have awaiting list as such. We simply operate with a schedule on a daily basis. We work with our patients in order to make sure they can have their dental treatment during the time that they will have available, even if it means working on weekends at times.

3. Exclusiveness of the treatment: As a patient, you are dealt with as if nothing else matters. From the moment you enter our clinic, you are given our undivided attention. Our Dentist Dr. Marek, is very detailed, understanding, very patients, and makes sure you are comfortable during all dental treatment procedures.

4. Better services rendered and quality care: People know when they have received quality services. In most cases people have an expectation of what type of service they will get from a particular company/ies. This simply could be for the fact that they have a low or sometimes a high expectation. Generally, the expectation sometimes are developed, from previous experience whether good or bad. Us human also tend to develop perceptions of a company at times, simply because our friends tell us of their encounters.

Even though it’s nothing new, but I always like to see the look on the faces of our patients whenever they have their dental treatments done. It’s always a saying of how relaxed and comfortable they felt, and most of all, how cheap the whole thing was. As a result of this, they always share their experiences with friends and family and most of all the world.

5. More relaxed and friendly atmosphere: Patients always commented on the friendliness and warm atmosphere of the dental clinic. It’s rare when someone can go to a clinic and later say that they felt relaxed and comfortable. Most people hate the idea of going to a regular clinic, more over a dental clinic.

Think of your reaction to someone with an attractive smile. How does it make you feel? Does it make you feel like you would like to have a smile like that?

Once, we had a Lady who was an entrepreneur.  She used to walk and sell  self-made artifacts and small collectables in the streets of the town she lived to travellers and tourists.  In order to sell her products, of course,  she had to talk to the customers and try to convince them to buy from her, and this by far was the hardest thing for her to do.  She had terrible front teeth, was reluctant to smile, as she was worried that they would see the condition of her teeth.  Not to mention,  her confidence level was very low. Finally, after several years of running her business, she decided to do something about her teeth.

She contacted us after reading about the dental treatments offered on our website  She was amazed at the dental treatments we offer and most of all the prices.  This is what she had to say after having her dental treatment over a period of a few months:

A Patient’s Story

“To be honest with you! Finding this website was a life saver! You can only begin to imagine how many dental offices I’ve called over the years, trying to find one, two, or even tree, that could possibly help me with my situation. It was difficult to find even one that can do the treatment I needed at a price that I can afford, even with the fact that I had dental insurance. Having found the dentalholiday website, was when my life began to change for the better. I was a bit skeptical at first to travel abroad for dental treatment, but had a piece of mind when I learned that all members of staff spoke English, and there was also a British National on staff. The only thing I had to do, was make my flight arrangement and send them a copy of my itinerary. Everything else was taken care of, from transportation to and from the airport, accommodations, and means of communication. I was just in ‘awe’ of all the special attention and services I was getting. And, all I had to pay for was the accommodations and the cost for my dental treatment. Everything else was for free.”
”After having my dental treatment I have to say, now I have no fear of smiling whatsoever, I am speaking with more confidence to my customers, and am laughing more than ever. I have more confidence, a I feel a lot better at doing my job. Not only that, but my sales went to the roof. I am now making a lot more money than I used to, and am receiving and feeling a better and positivity from my customers and friends. My entire life has changed for the better and all thanks to the Piestany dental clinic and staff.”

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