How do I get to Smile Clinic Slovakia for my dental treatment abroad?

Multiple past patients claimed that their journey to us was:

“cheaper, quicker and less hassle than getting the train or driving down the M25 and parking in the center of London”

With 11 UK airports flying direct to Bratislava or Vienna airport, you really can be with us in a little over 2hrs time.

As our valued patient, one of our complimentary drivers will be waiting at the airport for you holding their “Dental Holiday” sign. They will pick you up and drop you off at the dental clinic or your arranged accommodation (depending on what time you arrive). Our drivers pick up and drop off on any day at any time – even at the weekends.

We also return you from the clinic or your local accommodation free of charge to ensure that your trip to us is as hassle-free as possible.

We recommend that you travel with a family member or friend if possible, as it often makes the journey easier. Even if they are not having dental treatment abroad with us, they still can use our free clinic transfer service as well with you.

What are the typical flight costs involved?

Our patients report that the average flight cost return to Bratislava or Vienna airport and back from the UK is typically around £100. If you can avoid the summer, Easter or Christmas holidays, you can often get a bargain as low as £40 return.

With the flight cost savings and dental treatment, the good weather, food, shopping and city-hopping experience into the heart of Europe, there’s no excuse not to go on a “dental holiday” with us if you really need to get your teeth done.

Here’s how to get that sorted.

1. Choose from one of these direct, non-stop Dental Holiday flight options from the UK & Ireland (2hrs flight time)

  • All London airports:
    • Stanstead (1x every day – Ryanair Bratislava)
    • Luton (1x every day – Wizzair Bratislava)
    • Gatwick (1x every day – EasyJet Vienna)
    • Heathrow (4x every day – Austrian Airlines & British Airways)
  • Birmingham (3x every week – Ryanair Bratislava)
  • Liverpool (2x every week – Ryanair Vienna)
  • Bristol (every 2 days)
  • Leeds Bradford (2x a week – Ryanair Bratislava)
  • Manchester (3x a week – Ryanair Bratislava)
  • Dublin (1x every day – Ryanair Bratislava)
  • Edinburgh (2x a week – Ryanair Bratislava)

All these airports fly direct to Bratislava or Vienna airport sandwiched between the borders of Hungary, Austria, Czech and Poland.

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia, often incorrectly called Bratislavia by Brits. Vienna is the capital of Austria (not Australia) and is often incorectly called “Venice”.

(think Mozart – not kangaroos or gondola boats)

These Bratislava and Vienna airports are located within 60km of each other.

How long does it take from the airport to the clinic or your accommodation?

The journey time from the airport to the dental clinic in Piešťany typically takes 45 mins from Bratislava airport, depending on the level of traffic.

2. Please check the dates with us first

As we’re usually fully booked 2-3 months ahead, please do email us and check that your ideal day of travel and dental treatment fits in with our clinics’ calendar first.

We’ll reply with a positive response to go ahead and book the flights or offer you some alternative dates to come over for your dental treatment abroad.

If you’re planning to potentially have dental treatment done on your first visit to us to save an extra visit, then please do allow for an overnight stay. and if it’s a full mouth reconstruction, then please allow 3-4 days with us.

(you can see the timelines for various types of dental treatments abroad here)

3. Booking your flights

Google flights offer a very good overview of all your flight options to us, or alternatively, check out the websites of the flight companies directly:

4. Choosing your accommodation

Depending on which dental clinic you’ve been advised to visit by our team, you’d then want to sort out where you would like to stay overnight. (If you are staying overnight that is, and not just coming for a free consultation session with us)

You can book your own accommodation through sites like Booking.com or AirBnB.com or simply book through us, as we have some deals with some hotels.

Our self-catering apartments in Piešťany cost €35 per night, and €50 in Bratislava.

Local hotels in Piešťany start from €50 upwards, and in Bratislava from €80 upwards.

These two links should help you decide about that:

5. Put it together and send it to us

We hold no “pencil me in” patients in our calendar, so once the booking has been made please send the flight and accommodation details to us by email.

We need it by email as all our drivers and admin staff need to have a hard copy. Please also mention your accommodation preference if we will book it for you.

We’ll then arrange everything on this end and send you a detailed email confirmation of your dental treatment appointment with us.

6. You’re almost there…

A day or so before your visit to us, you may get an email to confirm your visit.

Upon arrival, your driver will give you keys to your apartment if you’ve booked that with us. He’ll also tell you the time of your dental appointment if he’s not taking you directly to the clinic that day.

We promise to do our best to make this the most enjoyable, painless and satisfying visit to the dentist ever! If there is anything else that we can provide for you to make your visit as hassle-free as possible, please do let one of our dental team members know.

Updated and reviewed by the doctors & medical team of Smile Clinic in Slovakia