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Owen after his dental treatment with us

The satisfaction of our patients is our primary interest. Young Owen has just returned home after his annual check-up with us. As he said, “everything was perfect with my visit, as always.”

Owen had his treatment with us in early 2018. As you can see on this X-ray taken during the initial consultation, Owen had two teeth missing and two needed extraction and replacing. Owen’s wish was to have not only a complete but also a great-looking smile, therefore we put ceramic dental crowns into his treatment plan.

Owen’s dental implant and dental crowns treatment plan:

  • 4 Straumann Neodent dental implants (UR 3, UR 4, LL 6, LR 6)
  • 2 extractions
  • bone graft in UR area
  • 12 all ceramic dental crowns for his upper jaw
  • 11 all ceramic dental crowns for her lower jaw

Learn more about Dental Implants Treatment in Slovakia (video blog post).

Owen wanted to start the journey to his new smile as soon as possible so we scheduled the surgery for the second day of his Dental holiday stay with us. The surgery took about 2 hours and 4 dental implants were successfully embedded in his jaw. The next day after the implantation we did a quick check-up and Owen could fly back home for the healing period. The healing period is individual for each patient. It usually takes 2 – 4 months.

Ceramic dental crowns on the upper and lower jaw

On his second visit, we reshaped his natural teeth as preparation for dental crowns treatment. Our dental technicians need a certain amount of time to prepare final ceramic crowns so we provided Owen with temporary caps. In 3 weeks Owen’s dental crowns were ready and the doctor fit them securely on our patient’s reshaped teeth.


Now he looks amazing! You surely agree that dental crowns can make one’s wish for a beautiful smile come true. If you also have some dental problems or if you wish to smile with confidence again, please feel free to contact Dental Holiday here. The best time for Dental Holiday is now!