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A new smile brought me new opportunities!

We met Mr Jan for the first time in March 2019. His teeth enamel was thin and damaged, he had lots of cavities in the past. As he told us, his wish was to have a better looking smile by the end of the year. We were happy to tell him that this is doable and even quicker than in 9 months!

Final result – dental crowns in combination with 4 dental implants on upper jaw

Smile Clinic has two venues – one in Piešťany city and one in Bratislava. Dr. Martin who works as an implantologist at the Bratislava branch made a treatment plan for Jan:

Jan’s upper jaw dental treatment plan:

  • 4 Straumann Neodent dental implants with implant crowns (UR 6, UR 4, UL 5 and UL 6)
  • bone graft in upper right area
  • 1 tooth extraction (UL 6)
  • Root canal treatments and re-treatments with fiber posts (UR 2, UR 3, UR 5)
  • 8 full ceramic dental crowns

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Jan booked an appointment for his dental implant surgery for late April. The surgery took about 2,5 hours and 4 dental implants were successfully embedded in his jaw.

Before treatment

The healing period is individual for each patient. It usually takes 2 – 4 months, however, Jan had to wait 5 months due to major bone graft. All patients are provided with temporary healing caps free of charge.

Temporary crowns

During the healing period the patient has to obey our instructions and must not chew and bite on fresh dental implants. Only soft meals are acceptable until the implants are healed completely. In this case, we used the healing time to do root canal treatments.

In early October, Jan came for the second stage of his treatment. We reshaped his natural teeth as preparation for ceramic crowns. We took impressions of the reshaped teeth and also of the healed dental implants and sent them to our lab technicians. It took them 2 weeks to prepare Jan’s new set of teeth.

Young Jan looks like a different person now. Beautiful and healthy teeth can help you make a huge step forward to a better life.


Article was medically reviewed by Dr. Marek Šalka “